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By syntheticdave · Oct 28, 2013 · ·
  1. syntheticdave
    I had to write some poems for one of my english classes, so though I might share it with everyone on the forums to see what they think.

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  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    They're all good, but my personal favorite is The Wrong Road. Thanks for sharing your many abilities with us all~ :)
  2. jewitch
    love poetry! there are always so many lovey dovey poems out there...i have a couple not so sweet i can share with you...


    i have no one to talk to,
    no one to listen,
    no one to love me
    and who really cares?
    to know you have to experience,
    you have to be there.

    your experiences have caused you no great misfortune,
    nothing gain and nothing lost,
    where mine have been a tool for learning,
    my love for life has been the cost.

    it was dark as i drove the point home when it suddenly struck me,
    i just might die with a smile on my face after all.
    the only bed i am to have in this world is the bed of a funeral par,
    which i am to lay down and die...

    this one i wrote for a close friend who got too deep into drugs, started prostituting herslf and was murdered...

    her name is crystal...

    drowning, looking up to see the light,
    pierce through the water,
    drown sink or fight...
    how painful, how lonely,
    could this be my life?
    its hard not to ponder, the struggle and strife.

    been clawing my way back up for some air,
    the people around me dont see me or care.
    some seem to look through me, even step on me to get by,
    its amazing im still sane with no tears left to cry.

    my emotions bleed from me one drop at a time.
    the john's who prey on me don't think it a crime.
    they use and abuse me cast me to the side.
    i have ignored all the pain, hate myself have no pride.

    was she just a hooker? a peasant and leech?
    the only time we see her is when we want to preach.
    if our God so loved her that he gave his son,
    why the fuck is she drowning without anyone?

    to love her and hold her
    who will teach her to heal?
    she has no more hope,
    as her hearts turned to steel.

    crystal was murdered on a hot summer day,
    with no one to hold her, to cry or to pray,
    for a soul that did wander seeking only love,
    now she dwells with God's angels,
    in heaven up above.

    i tried to write it from her perspective.


    a tortured child and hermits life,
    unravel the mystery
    it begins with a knife.
    a knife so sharp, a jagged blade,
    with a knife at my side i was no longer afraid.

    i stole to the stairs,
    the night so late,
    as i reached the top
    i was filled with hate.
    i had paused for a second,
    a second of thought,
    i had loved them dearly,
    yet how they forgot.

    they tortured my body
    as they tortured my soul.
    they tortured my mind
    as they tortured me whole.
    but still i forgave them
    for all they had done,
    as i strangled my step father
    that left only one....

    my mother lay softly
    asleep on her front,
    i imagined her running
    the kill and the hunt.
    i crept up behind her,
    cut open her throat,
    the blood lay around her
    all soaked in her house coat.

    kind of morbid but anyone can write lovey shit...

    the rose...
    a roses petals, soft and sweet.
    delicate and fragile, yet how discrete,
    the baby buds are wound so tight,
    a red rose black, on a cold dark night.
    the thorns that hide beneath the prize,
    very in sharpness and in size,
    yet they have never stopped us from admiring,
    odd how a flower can be so inspiring.

    so many petals to make one flower,
    their numbers great increase their power,
    they bloom from spring right through till fall.
    given by lovers, yet admired by all.

    i love your poetry because it comes from the heart. keep up the good work!! and share!!
  3. Booty love
    Good shit dude!
  4. SublimeTrip
    I really relate to this shit. Great stuff, man!:applause:
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