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  1. youdontknow
    So i was just looking over that thread that was talking about america drugging its children more than any other country. And i got my mind working.

    A question we often hear here in the good old "land of the free" is why not make everything legal? They could make money off of it, run drug dealers out of buisness, pretty much empty the prisons, and reduce the drug related crime rate. The simple fact is money. Alot of people say that if they made it legal they could make more money off it. But in reality they couldn't. The procedes from sales would not even touch what they make from: Fining people, court costs, the percentage of the defense lawyers pay that they get, and free labor they get from community service.

    See the bottom line in my opinion is money. They dont care about the people.

    Am i the only one that finds it wierd that most drugs are created by the governmnet, given out to the public for a short time, then declared illegal?

    Drugs are as old as civilization itself. Something that we have been doing forever, it is, in a sense, in our blood to. Now all of the sudden in the last hundred years its been declared as "bad", when most of the problems that arise only arise from the drugs being illegal.

    I think we should see it for what it is, which is one of the most ingenious money making schemes in history.


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