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A different death but the cause is the same (UK)

  1. Lunar Loops
    Not sure how many SWIY's living outside UK & Ireland are aware of current suspected serial killings that have taken place in Ipswich in the UK. Five prostitutes have been found so far and the killer is still very much at large. There has been a proliferation of news articles linking the whole story to drug addiction (some raising positive points on drugs and criminality, but most not). This article is taking the link a little too far I think. From The Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/12/14/nkiller414.xml) :

    A different death but the cause is the same
    By David Sapsted
    Last Updated: 4:04am GMT 14/12/2006

    There has been a sixth murder in Ipswich in the past 10 days, but the killing has gone largely unnoticed.
    It should not have done. The reason the young Londoner died in a shoot-out at the Zest nightclub on Saturday is believed to be the same reason why five young women took to working on the streets, leaving themselves exposed to a killer.
    That reason was drugs. The bloody confrontation at the nightclub, which also left three people with gunshot wounds and one slashed with a knife, was suspected of being a clash between drugs gangs involved in a "turf war".
    Although police insist that the drugs situation in Ipswich is no worse than in the bulk of rural towns in England, anecdotal evidence from locals suggests widespread problems in estates to the south and east.
    All five of the serial killer's victims were addicted to either heroin or crack cocaine. They turned to prostitution to support their habit and, even last night, other young women addicts were plying their trade on the streets of Ipswich despite the all too obvious fact that it could end in death.
    "What that shows really is that a lot of these women are in desperate —extremely desperate — situations and things like drug dependency and poverty are pushing women into this sort of activity," said Simon Aalders, of the Suffolk Drug Action Team which works with prostitutes in Ipswich.
    Apart from in the town centre, where drugs such as ecstasy are as freely available as anywhere despite official efforts at a clampdown, pushers of hard drugs live in outlying estates already plagued by crime and anti-social behaviour.
    It was here that several of the dead women first began experimenting with crack and then heroin. By then, they had the addiction that was to cost them their lives.


  1. Nature Boy
    A very upsetting story indeed. Somewhat reminiscent of a certain prostitute butcher from the past.

    On a lighter note, good articles added recently shroomonger. Keep up the good work. :)
  2. Lunar Loops
    Thank you kind sir.
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