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A eulogy to my dying Knight

  1. kalishakti
    It is not easy to come to terms with, and fighting the whole world to boot. First perhaps a hidden naive secret, that grows to shame and terror in the youthful uncertainty as one's awareness of what others might think less of them if they knew. Two lives, stoic Knight defends his Lady to try and keep the peace between self and the hostility of the others (as if they should have any say, because they do not). And walking that tightrope, maintaining a precarious balance to maintain sanity, to salvage the happiness we all deserve and are entitled to, while avoiding the opprobrium.

    And as she grows more fierce and proudly shining in her innate beauty that was always denied, slowly the realization grows that she is finally becoming what she always should have been all along and that she is finding her legs to stand in the world on her own. And that day comes when her Knight, that was always the protector, the invincible shell against the viciousness of the world now only holds her back from her full potential. With growing confidence and indifference to the impotent opinions of the others, her Knight finally stands down. With his passing, she finally finds that peace that was always elusive. So the Lady must let him pass with sadness and gratitude that his sacrifices kept her alive to triumph in the joy of her beautiful existence!


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