A First Time Experience With LSD

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    Swim's first LSD experience was simply amazing. "Nothing will ever rival it," he says. Here is his recount of what happened several years ago.


    After searching for several years, I had finally found and bought 15 blotters that I believed to be one hit a piece. I waited several weeks for the perfect time to drop a couple, until one weekend came where I was in an exceptionally good mood. That Saturday, I decided, would be the day.

    I had chosen a good friend of many years to accompany me on my journey. The day before we went shopping for toys, and set up the house for the trip. Each room was something different. There was a music room with black lights, a movie room, a normal room (set up to have calming effects), and a large backyard to roam in.

    Saturday came, and anticipation was high. The whole day was spent thinking about the journey we were about to go on. As dusk approached, we dropped. We had decided to take it slow, as it was our first time, and took half a blotter every 30 minutes, until 2 blotters had been consumed. Little did we know that the blotters contained 3-4 hits a piece!

    It wasn't long before we had drifted into complete insanity. Thankfully my friend and I were pretty experienced with shrooms, or else it likely would have been way too intense. The first few hours were spent in the music room, listening to Linkin Park's Reanimation album. We had shut off the black lights for the time being, and proceeded to swing glowsticks about. I would say we were glow-stringing, but it was more like flailing them around wildly on strings (we had no clue what we were doing).

    At one point the string came unraveled on my glowstick, and it went hurtling into a rabbit's cage. I turned on the lights, and looked around in utter awe and astonishment as all of my surroundings were morphing wildly in geometric patterns. I walked over and stared at a coca-cola poster for what might have been a few minutes, and then remembered I had lost my precious glow-thing. I rushed over to the rabbit's cage, determined to get back this object to which I felt so attached. Without thinking (at all), I attempted to squeeze my hand through the metal bars (instead of opening the door)...and succeeded. Unfortunately my arm wouldn't fit so well. The rabbit was sitting right on top of the glowstick, as though it were guarding it. In my mind the rabbit was just as attached to the glowstick as I. I could just barely get my fingertips on it, and was slowly dragging it closer to my hand, when all of a sudden the rabbit darted across the cage. I screamed at the top of my lungs, grabbed the glowstick, and then proceeded to try and free my hand from the confines of the cage...unfortunately while making a fist around the glowstick. Finally I freed my hand, fell backwards, and started laughing hysterically as I rolled on the floor, clutching my precious glowstick all the while.

    At this point we decided to see what the black-light was like. I had 3 black-light reactive slinkies (pink, orange, and green), which I started to play with. I suddenly became determined to intertwine the slinkies. This task seemed to take hours (though it was really like 10 minutes). When it was finished, it was everything I had hoped for. It became my new object of attachment, keeping me mesmerized for the next couple hours (to this day I still have the slinkies intertwined, laying in my draw).

    As we were coming down from the peak, we turned on the lights. I started explaining something to my friend, and swung my hand to my left in an extremely over-exaggerated hand gesture. My hand made contact with a box fan sitting on a ledge next to me, sending the box fan flying through the air. Without the least bit of hesitation, I reached my hand out, as if continuing the original gesture, grabbed the fan, fingers breaking through the mesh and stopping the fan blade, smoothly sat it back on the ledge, and continued talking like nothing had happened. My friend, completely baffled by the occurrence, started questioning if he had actually just seen it happen. I then fell to the ground in tears of laughter, finally realizing what I had done.

    After this we roamed outside for a bit, then went in and started watching movies. We started with Sin City...and it was fucked up. I could only make it about 1/4 of the way through, then had to shut it off, as it was too much for me to handle. I was seeing colors where I knew there shouldn't have been any, and twisted parts were fucking with my head. We tried watching a couple other movies, but weren't interested in them. We put in TMNT and watched it all the way though. The turtles looked so real, we couldn't even tell it was animated until we saw animations of humans.

    After the movie we went back outside and sat and walked around in the front lawn, watching the field across the house as the sun slowly crept up. The grass in the field looked as though it was morphing, due to the small hills giving the grass different shading. A light mist drifted over areas, and the sunrise was full of vibrant, mind-blowing colors. It was truly a spectacular sight.

    I remember we were standing at the edge of the road, behind some bushes, and a biker road past...it scared the bejeezus out of us, and then another wave hit and we started cracking up. As we walked back to the house the mail man walked out from past the bushes, and we began laughing yet again, thinking about how crazy it would have been if we had still been standing right there.

    From this point on it was pretty uneventful, though the effects were still apparent for quite some time. The rest of that day we couldn't sleep, and so the day was spent reflecting on this unbelievable night. It felt as though our eyes had been opened for the first time, and through the veil of our ordinary senses, we had seen this magical, forbidden world of wonder. Even the following few days everything continued to have the afterglow about it, and I remained mesmerized by the experience for several more days after that (totaling about 7 days of awe-struck amazement). It is truly an experience I will hold with me till my dieing breath.


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