A good friend died

By cyndi · Jun 3, 2008 · ·
  1. cyndi
    :( I am so saddened today by the passing of my best friend's husband. They were together 30 years and had a perfect love. They were totally inseparable and never spoke an unkind word about each other. He was such a good and kind man and would do anything for anyone. God never blessed them with kids but they would have made awesome parents. It just doesn't seem fair.....

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  1. trptamene
    They get another turn sister, we all do if we really want it.
  2. cyndi
    This is so true.
  3. Orchid_Suspiria
    Well you can look at it the way I do.The dead are the lucky with the way this world.He is free now,truly free!I hope that helps.
  4. cyndi
    Actually yes I feel the same way. He is in a better place. Thank you:)
  5. Nargyle
    I'm very sorry about your loss, but as said before, it is us who are left behind who suffer and mourn the loss, he is in a much better place now
  6. cyndi
    This friend is now comforting me. Her husband was a good man and lived a very full life. They had such a wonderful marriage anyone would envy. He is definely in a better place as he was a gem. I worry about the afterlife of my son. My religion says suicide people will not go to heaven. Others have told me different. Who is right? I hope he is in heaven but worry what if....
  7. missparkles
    If there is a God/ess I don't think he/she would punish troubled people.
    Anyone who is troubled enough to take their life is with God/ess...if he/she exists.
    Stay strong.
  8. cyndi
    Yes that is what my pastor told me actually. I just hope it is true as he had lots of issues and wasn't thinking straight.
  9. missparkles
    If a person believes that God is a loving father is it conceivable that he would punish a troubled child? No. No one punishes someone for being troubled. They're not bad, just "not well" is all.
    Emotional problems are only different from physical problems in that one can be seen the other not. Would God punish someone who died from cancer?
    Again the answer is no. Stay strong.
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