A Good Man

By saorsa.elegy · Feb 26, 2008 · ·
  1. saorsa.elegy
    A good man died sunday. He was a bedraggled soul. He worked hard, in a garage that he rented. He fixed cars. He took care of his children. He loved his wife. She left him. He took care of his brother's kids. What a Good Man.
    He was always as cheerful as the sunshine. Smiling through his pain. How does he do that? He was locked under his porch for days as a child. The parents didn't love him.
    He knew he was dying, but to spare us the sadness he didn't tell. He suffered alone, as was his custom.
    Liver cancer. It took him. He is finally in a place that there will be no more tears.
    But, i miss him:confused:

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  1. Metomni
    Sounds like someone to be admired, not pitied. People like that are in short supply these days. :)

    May his soul rest peacefully.
  2. saorsa.elegy
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