A Life Gone Too Soon- Britts story

By BB1988 · May 25, 2016 · ·
  1. BB1988
    We all have our own story, but I'd like to tell the story of a girl I once knew. Her name was Brittany and she was my best friend.

    Beautiful, intelligent, and out going. This was the girl I first met when I was just 15. We passed notes in class, her care free and open minded spirit was great for my naturally introverted tendencies, she brought out the best in me. We spent the summer after our freshmen year in high school walking the neighborhood, smoking some pot, and sneaking out with our boyfriends. This was the best of our times together. I was relieved to have a friend like Brittany when my own home life was such a wreck. She had lost her mom to a drug overdose and was living with her Aunt, but it did not last long.

    One night I got an unexpected phone call from Brittany saying that she was being sent away. She had spilled the beans about her aunts boyfriend sexually abusing her. I knew for a fact that it had been happening, he had the nerve to sneak in her room at night while I was there and touch her inappropriately and I was frozen with fear and didnt know what to do. Now she was being sent away because no one believed her. That was the last time I heard from Brittany for 2 years. She was being shuttled from foster home to foster home. In the mean time my own mother died from a drug overdose and she had heard the news, but sat in her room crying when she found out, unable to call me.

    Finally one day I got a phone call from her after 2 years, but it wasnt exactly the call I was hoping to hear from her. She had run away from her foster home and was living in a crack house with her father. She said she wanted to leave and that her father was selling her out. I was in Ohio, she was in Florida, so I packed my bag and took a 13 hour drive to get her home. When I found her she was convulsing and seizing, weighing only 80lbs. When she woke up, I was able to talk to her and ask her if she wanted me to call the ambulance, she did not. She wanted to leave with me, so packed her bags. We left out the door and her father and two unknown males followed us out the door. She sat her bags on my truck, and her father started asking her not to leave. We pleaded back and fourth, but I lost the battle and she would not return with me.

    I drove home that day in tears. Not knowing what to do about my friend. When I got home I decided that I couldnt leave her there that way, or she would die. I made multiple calls to child services and the police department. They went and took Brittany out of that garbage of a "home" and sent her to a 9 month inpatient rehab for juveniles.

    When she got out I was able to see her again, we went out, and she thanked me for calling. Admitting she was mad at me at first, but that she was happy for what I did. I was happy to have my friend back, but it was temporary. The damage had been done and before I knew it Brittany began isolating and using again. She went to live with her sister who got her into the escorting business and introduced her to IV drug use. During this time, Britt would visit me a few days at a time, then she was off again. I wouldnt see her or hear from her for months.

    Meanwhile I was struggling with my own drug addiction. Finally in 2015 I entered a rehab in Texas, and when I came home, I discovered Brittany was in the hospital with endocarditis (heart valve infection). I began visiting her in the hospital once a week, bringing her food, and praying with her. I enjoyed going to see her. I got to see the spunky side of her at times. I got have conversation with her. She continued to use, even in the hospital, having drugs brought in. It lead to her eventual open heart surgery, where I sat in the waiting room for 8 hours. Waiting to hear how she was. I was scared the whole time, but the doc came out with great news. Britt had made it through the surgery with no complications, she had a second chance. But part of me knew that she would never stop using drugs, even in the face of death.

    4 weeks went by without any events, until I went on vacation to Mexico. I recieved a call that Britt had a fever. Despite my begging for her to go back to the hospital, she would not. I gave up, I was 2000 miles away and could not be there.

    Brittany died from septic shock the day after my return from Mexico on May 18, 2016. It had left a huge hole in my heart. Her funeral was today. I can't help but feel that everyone in her life had let her down, to the point her, herself believed she had no hope. If I could turn back time I would, I would try harder to get her to the hospital. I woulda left the airport and went to her house and drove her to the hospital myself, but I can't.

    I only have Brittany's memories, I can only remember the real Brittany. The Brittany before the pimps, the drugs, abuse, and suffering. Fly high Angel.

    brittsunset_zpseomnfc1e.jpg The sunset, the evening I picked up Britts charm bracelet. It was her favorite colors.

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  1. BB1988
    Any feedback?
  2. bheadmaster
    Close friends possess a very special place in our hearts. Nothing can replace the loss of that one person.

    This is a very shocking story. I am so sorry for your loss.
  3. BB1988
    Thank you. When I wrote this the news was still fresh. In a way it kinda still is. The last 2 weeks have whimmed by. It helped me a lot to share her story. And I welcome any comments or feedback. TY
  4. cren
    sorry for your loss. You were a good friend and she was lucky to have you, you put some good in her life where there was so much suffering. You will never forget her and the pain of your loss is awfull. To see someone you love die from being broken is so heartbreaking. :vibes::vibes::vibes: Hugs
  5. Cwb20022
    OMG. Im so sorry for your lose.

    Please always know that there is nothing you could've done more. And you shouldn't blame yourself at all. I really appreciate you sharing this.

    Drug addiction is the only disease that the government and society allows to kill young adults in there 20's with no reaction . its sad really.

    My brother was recently going through a life and death situation. Thankfully he is doing okay. But could still easily die if he doesnt take 6 months of antibiotics. I'm curious if Brittany stopped taking her antibiotics and thats what happened?'

    I feel bad that her childhood was as bad as it was. Its not surprising she just wanted to escape. Its all to common in the drug world.

    There's a thread where you can post about friends you've lost to drugs. I'll post a link if i can find it.

    Just remember She's in a better place now. Where she's not hurting or forced to sell her body or living just for drugs and in sub standard conditions with family who don't care

    Always know D-F is a very welcoming place with lots of good members that will give listening ear or offer you support.

    I see you havent been here long so if noone has said it welcome to Drugs-Forum.
    Thanks for sharing this story. Really resonates with alot of people here.
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  6. BB1988
    Thank you everyone.

    CWB- I will explain more on the situtaion surrounding her death if you dont mind.

    She went to live with her older sister after her surgery. Everyone warned her, I even offered her a place at my house so she could remove herself from the environment. The problem was I lived almost 2 hours away from her boyfriend and she wanted to be near him so she stayed with her sister.

    Her sister has given three different stories about what actually happened to Brittany. All contradicting each other. In short- when Brittany arrived to the hospital she showed up with cocaine, heroin, and benzos in her system. The doctor believed that the IV heroin use reintroduced new bacteria into her blood and reawakened dormant super bacteria and it killed her very quickly. Further more her sister lied to the doctor and told him there were no drugs in Britts system- which the doctor severely reprimanded her for- because they could have given her something that killed her more quickly.

    I point this out because I have a hunch that her sister played a part in this. Maybe not criminally but definitely morally. Shes trying to separate herself from the situation because she knows she didnt look after her dying sister and its just a tragedy all around.

    recently shes said things like, " I think britts boyfriend is trying to poison me. so if I show up dead do an autopsy." Very suspicious and weird things are being said by her, Idk if its drug paranoia- or a guilty conscience!
  7. Once.up.on.a.time
    Oh sweetheart u told her story beautifully. Your bracelet is beautiful. You were the best thing in her life since you met her. You probably have her more than you will ever realIse.

    If you need to talk please message me.

    Much love sweetheart xxx
  8. BB1988
    Thank you <3
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