A message I thought might be of some help nothing special.

By desert flower · Jan 30, 2015 ·
  1. desert flower
    Hey man just didn't want to clutter up a thread when it's only you that might benefit, in all probability.

    Brand name use IS NOT BANNED OR ILLEGAL.
    It may not be in the rules you read when joining but it is mentioned somewhere that you should use "chemical names" AS WELL AS brand names, as is there a small guideline saying using correct english WHERE POSSIBLE.
    Part of my point is hang on I'll just give an example.
    (sorry switched trains cos it made more sense).

    Say you're a member and are need of desperate help but all you have is your phone on a roaming network that keeps cutting in and out.
    Wouldn't you cut corners that you thought were going to be understood?
    Having been in a similar position(not exactly)I know that when you're sending literally hundreds of dms to every member you think might help, and say the clock is ticking, then you try to get the message across as succinctly as possible.

    Unfortunately for the newer generations this means textspeak and brand names so I personally feel we shouldn't be so harsh, after all we did save a life that night(not just me all involved, MickelMouse is much more practised in dealing with this sort of thing-meth and ems in the U.S., I'm australian)I just answered first because it wasn't being answered and once I deciphered all the abbreviations, I knew it was important(from the bad title) so I made the time...It's just time after all.
    Anyways we as a group pulled together and saved a lfe that, for me, was tousands of miles away.
    Not a single regret or apology, even though I don't know them.
    I think sometimes people get caught in things and forget we're here to help each other, not create petty argument, but I'm a lot more patient and I've only been a donating member 14 months total, so I'm not anywhere but where I'm needed, if it's in hand I leave any extra information out, because confusion helps no one.

    Sssoooo, to be clear theres no rule about using brand names, just an understood agreement that chemical or generic names are added at least once in the post....if you only know the brand name don't let that stop you or anyone else from asking a question that may well save yor life.
    Anyone aware of generic names SHOULD also be aware of the common brand names(noone I can tell refers to ambien as zolpidem which is the correct name) so don't get too fussed, as long as it's not exotic someone will understand and help we all share that gift/failing.

    The whole slang/textspeak thing is easily solved in my opnion.
    put the drug dictionary under its own tab, give detailed instructions on how to use it and people will educate themselves.
    Apart from eerything else, it's human nature to want to be at least in belief of what you are saying to others.
    particularly here.

    sorry for the length of message but i needed to let you know you won't be penalised, just try and keep up when posting is the basic expectation.

    You have to break a rule pretty badly to get kicked from here, but keep trying please.
    We need more like yourself that are just willing to admit that whilst they may be intelligent, no one person can answer every question.
    Particularly in a field that is changing at this rate and presumably will until there's nothing left to learn, it's also human nature to desire learning, even if it's subconciously through video games or something( it won't happen for at least a century but it will eventually).

    ok sorry I'm over vigilant atm

    p3ace, love always <3
    desert flower

    Edit; I'll get back to the "story or losing the plot or the mess that has been my life, just thought this might help some folk.

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