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  1. Daeron

    source: http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn7342&feedId= online-news_rss20


  1. unico_walker
    So what? They'll just be scheduled soon enough, because of course using
    chemical assistance is "cheating" or some shit. Never did figure that
    one out, why are steroids up there with narcotics anyway?
  2. Triple7
    I bet they are talking about Adrafinil.
  3. Cure20
    Dont buy that bullshit they are saying, SWIM had a friend the fell for the same bullshit except the new miricle drug was comming out of Asia somewhere. The jist of it is, He bought a few boxes of the shit to bring back to Canada and see if he could broker them to independent companies, and needles to say her got super fucked for a chunk of money, the pills were garbage and they didn't do any of the things they claimed.
  4. Triple7
    hmm.. it isn't adrafinil..
  5. Cure20
    I cant remember the name of it I will ask my friend within a day or two and post the name as soon as I find out.
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