A New Perspective to the Future of Mankind : Dr. Timothy Leary's 8-Circuit Model

By enquirewithin · May 8, 2012 ·
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    A new overview of the 8 cIrcuits from a blog by 'johnnymnemonic":

    I might have easily put this hub under the 'New Age Beliefs' category, but I believe that would have been a huge insult to our own realizations about 'the truth out there' and our more-than dogmatic and intimate connection to it, which strike us all the more often as we keep evolving in our seemingly endless journey through time and space. Set aside Dr. Timothy Leary's 8-circuit model of consciousness, which is one of the most sound theories about the unknowns of our brain...

    I will try to make of this introductory hub an as much clear and concise resume as possible of my reading of Robert Anton Wilson's chef-d'oeuvre, Prometheus Rising, through which he conveys his mentor's theory in greater detail and with lots of wits and fun.

    Beyond a Simple Neurology Model..
    People from a variety of disciplines try to bring explanations to metaphysical or supernatural phenomena such as UFO sightings, instant visions of events happening miles away or years ago, miraculous healings performed by faith healers and the exponential quantum leap in the information age.

    A hot discussion is whether these weird phenomena are totally external events beyond our limits of understanding and performing, or (they are somehow linked to) untimely self-expressions, manifestations of our subconscious minds, of our innate, inner power.

    We already know from the theory behind the Collective Neurogenetic Circuit that most of the scary persona who visit us in our dreams are generated from the timeless pool of collective memory which resides in every human being's mind since the creation of mankind, independently of age, gender or culture. These persona appear under different masks to every other person due to the infinite combinations of these parameters, sometimes a humanoid goat figure who threatens with punishment from hell; sometimes a beautiful, merciful lady who promises peace and prosperity as your favourite pop icon and sometimes, a short, slim, gray being from outer space.

    What makes Leary's model outstanding is that it manages to mix all this stuff in one big intellectual, philosophical or neurological pot and bring sound explanations to the big mystery with an expandable model so wide already, as to cover all of the things mentioned above.

    The Observer and the Event
    Quantum physics dictates that every action depends on the intentions of its manifester -- thinker, implementer; independently of the physical contact between the object and the subject. This is a claim beyond simple explanations like motivation or luck. Let's confirm the validity of this rather weird connection to our physical senses through another weird event which happened 40 years ago.

    In 1973, Robert Anton Wilson (R.A.W.) had a vision of something happening to his son in Arizona during a neuro-programming experiment, wait for it, over a distance of 500 miles away. Wilson came up with several explanations to this strange phenomenon, such as :

    his astral body had actually travelled there -- the view of occultists,
    he had developed extra-ensory perception and saw the event from his place without the need for physical travel -- the view of parapsychologists (science men with milder occult tendencies), interpreting a phenomenon from a higher orbit as an "enhanced", individual, particular, unique 3rd circuit experience,
    he only "happened to" think of that scenery by synchronicity -- the Jungian approach,which refers to events observed simultaneously without an apparent reason of coexistence, a viewpoint between pure, dogmatic rationalism which labels all this stuff as luck or coincidence and metaphyscial approaches,
    the vision was "sheer coincidence" or "mere luck" -- as by the average rationalist's understanding capabilities (this refers to, unfortunately, US, until we make quantum jumps of our own and discover our higher levels of consciousness)
    However, this event was nothing else than a pure manifestation of the 8th level, non-local quantum circuit, a special example of what is more commonly known in quantum physics as Bell's Theorem, which dicates that with all its greatness, huge emptiness, every particle making up our universe, from one distant galaxy to another, millions of light years away, are in "instantaneous" connection with each other. It is also referred to as "Oneness with God" in spiritual traditions and religions.

    From this perspective, these vistas, instantaneous, spontaneous, 'apparently' causeless visions beyond space-time limitations become as natural as a 2nd-circuit dispute between infant siblings over the toys.

    All of it to explain that there doesn't need to be a physical liaison between the observer and its target in order to talk of the observer's conscious manipulation on the target's condition.

    What's even more surprising, it doesn't even have to be a thoughtful influence, the way it is most and best marketed by today's spirituality-pumping charlatans, producers and marketers of secrets.. it is an older, more intimate and more powerful relationship.

    One we can't yet describe with our current vocabulary.

    Our Brain : Hardware or Software?
    We all know our brain is a computer, a super-computer in fact, as we keep digging up its powers. So is it more of a hardware or software?

    Our logical, objective and fearful left brain logical thinking immediately picks hardware, as more we can't see something, more we're scared of it. Including our thoughts.

    Then again, how do we explain such immovable facts such as our memory, intelligence, emotional intelligence, skills, talents, feelings, sensations, love, pain, hatred.. facts beyond pink, sloppy lobes?

    Those who have better mastery of their sensations and feel there is more to their brain than just analytical capabilities will shut down their left brain and activate their right brain, which provides a holistic, intuitive and limitless point of view to the information seeker.

    They know that not only our brain is as much more software as it is hardware with all our sensations, feelings and memory being kept in electro-chemical currents (just like computer software), they also know it is a psychic portal, a super-receiver and diffuser open to every signal broadcast from and beyond space, time and other dimensions.

    R.A.W. ends the related chapter in his book with the 'answer' most of you can imagine :

    Hardware? Software?

    OR BOTH?

    The 4 Primitive Circuits of Consciousness
    These circuits have been with us humans since our very creation as the first (bio-survival) circuit appeared in unicellular livings. Not only that, the second (emotional-territorial) circuit appeared first among mammalians (including whales and big mammoths of old times), so it is once more safe to say that the very first humanoid possessed a somewhat undeveloped emotional-territorial circuit.

    Only with the 3rd (time-binding semantic) and 4th (sociomoral) circuits can we discuss whether or not they appeared in a distinct stage of the evolution of human kind, yet the numbers anthropologists calculate today show that at least the people we know from historical TV series had these circuits in action by the time they were born.

    Let us take a quick glimpse at the meanings of these circuits :

    The Oral Bio-Survival Circuit : As the name suggests, this circuit desribes the picture of a mother bird or mammalian feeding its offspring by its mouth and protecting it under her wings (or claws). Imprinted by the infant's biological mother or the first mother figure it made acquaintance with, the 1st circuit deals with the feelings of nourishing, feeding and self-defence and the drive to survive in the wild, open nature. As it involves the continuum of life itself, in the form of either a unicellular bacteria or the fully-developed human being, it is classified as ever-present and ever-will-be in the core of all the eight circuits.
    The Anal Emotional-Territorial Circuit : This time, envision a dog or cat leaving their pee in a corner, under a tree or near the trash can, in order to attract the opposite sex with scents of love in the air and repulse their congeneric rivals with messages of terror. The 2nd circuit involves all livings with adequate emotional intelligence (EQ -- as opposed to IQ, which we can speak of for humans alone, as far as we know it) marking their territory with chemicals that register their signature in space-time. Once the territory is crossed, it means a test of power is about to happen. If both sides are vigilant, they might find conciliation. If they are relentless enough to pick a fight, there will be blood, even death. In our own social life as humans, terms like "bullying", "scaring", "alpha male" refer to entities and activities related to the 2nd circuit.
    The Time-Binding Semantic Circuit : Now we're talking about humans. Semantics refers to the meanings of words and symbols, which leads intellect plus the ability to speak.. which leaves us with the only living creatures on the planet having both capacities- humans, or as Robert Anton Wilson preferred to refer to them, 'primates'. The 3rd circuit is about passing our civilized heritage through first symbols and then words (watch for it, we're just talking about transfer through language or ) onto the following generations. Hieroglyphs, the first carvings and paintings on Stone Age cave walls depicting ancient rituals, requiems for martyrs, songs of love, Martin Luther King's famous speech about racism and William Shakespeare's astonishing plays which ridiculize people's daily misery are all tools of 3rd circuit intellectual information transfer.
    The Moral Socio-Sexual Circuit : The target audiences for our circuits keep getting smaller and smaller. We're talking of adolescents now. Our first orgasm or mating experiences determine broadly which sexual role we will take as a grown-up adult in the society and our family. The ruling moral values in the major environments which surround us (home and school first) also take effect in shaping it. A failed period of adolescence, experiences not gained in the proper period of emotional growth, abusive parents, either orally or physically, may lead to a murdering psycopath with fetishist motives (the sociopathic killer described in Amercan Psycho -- he was corrupted more by an inner disgust toward the reduction of romantic values such as love, compassion and care to simple prostitution, money-worshipping and foregrounding of sexual organs beyond any truly sensual, sensational, emotional value) or a modern paladin, protector and champion of piety, morale, righteousness and balance. As someone who suggest that the institution of marriage needs to be seriously discussed and maybe totally made over, I feel compelled to add that a firm education given in a happy, healthy, warm family circle helps greatly, no, not even that, immensely with the formation of healthy generations through healthy individuals.

    The 4 Evolving Circuits of Consciousness
    Dating back to much more recent times than the primitive circuits, here are the 4 evolving circuits with brief explanations :

    The Holistic Neurosomatic Circuit : The fifth circuit overall and first among the advanced circuits, the holistic neurosomatic circuit refers to all kinds of neurochemicals that people use to get ecstatic and stories of miraculous healings across the world through the use of bioenergy. It is the temporary bliss gained from weed, cigarette or beer or a case of terminal illness cured by a shaman or "faith healer". As the experiences related to this circuit suggest, the idea behind putting it to action is to get relief from the chronic pain, stress and relentless illnesses which make a hell of our daily lives. The higher purpose that lies in this circuit is to create happy, healthy and sane generations.
    The Collective Neurogenetic Circuit : The sixth circuit overall and second among the lately discovered group of circuits, the collective neurogenetic circuit keeps a common record of every trace of information engraved in people's memories from all races, jumping from generation to generation through RNA-DNA-brain feedback loops. It keeps the secrets of the natural disasters which happened since the very beginning of life, their encryption into mystical gods and goddesses and the whole evolutionary script of the mankind. It is a two-way portal opening to both past and future, and probably holds significant data about upcoming events and dangers which concern the fate of the human race -- global heating, alien invasions, asteroid crashes, end of the world as we know it, etc... The higher purpose that lies in this circuit is to extract critical information from our collective past and future in order to survive the awaiting socio-political and cosmic dangers and extend our lifespan in the universe.
    The Meta-Programming Circuit : This circuit is about what is called cybernetic consciousness -- playing with and shifting the structure of all the other circuits, including itself and making possible conscious choice between totally different modes of experience : parallel universes or alternative reality-tunnels. It aims to realize what modern psychiatry and the 'alternative gimmicks' strive for hopelessly : to reprogram the human experience in a smooth and permanent way, leaving no place for disturbing memories, anxieties or depression. A wholly dystopian use of this circuit is depicted on Battlestar Galactica as the Cylon race. The higher purpose that lies in this circuit is to learn how to upgrade ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually in order to improve our lifetime experience and help us survive the next millenia.
    The Non-Local Quantum Circuit : This circuit deals with what made Robert Anton Wilson's trans-space vision possible. Through it the brain functions in the non-local quantum communication system theorized by Bell, Bohm, Sarfatti and Walker. In my humble opinion, this circuits describes exactly the premonitions seen in Minority Report in order to catch thieves, stop murderers before they commit a crime. It may open a whole new evolutionary chapter in mankind's history, one that could lead to either an utopic scenery where any kind of malevolence or natural disaster is avoided by taking the appropriate measures much earlier in space-time, or a dystopian hell where super-powers, of or out of this world, abuse their total reign over space and time to lead massive wars on (portions of) the humantiy.

    To Be Continued...
    I will go in detail with all eight circuits and make a hub on each one. There is a treasure which lies within all of them, so it seems unfair to me to conclude this subject with a trilogy comprising of two other hubs, on the primitive and evolving circuits respectively.

    It will take quite long, and I will share the links of the new hubs below as I publish them, in order to facilitate search and navigation. Keep checking this hub to further explore this vast sea of unknowns, theories and discoveries.

    For Further Readings..

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    Notice that in his interpretation of Leary's model, he took out the metaprogramming circuit and replaced it with an intuitive-psychic circuit at number 6, putting the neurogenetic circuit to number 7
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