A New Renaissance?

By textosteron · Feb 18, 2013 ·
  1. textosteron

    Couple days ago, i stumbled upon the scene from The Mission, a movie from 1986. I was quite young when i first saw it and i remembered how much it touched me then, i was crying about poor Indians and damn church that sold them, still not knowing much about religions or Christianity in general (my mother was more inclined to feed me with Greek, Roman etc mythologies when i was a child, and besides, we lived in "soft communism" as we like to remember the good old Yugoslavia).

    It was a scene of redemption, where De Niro, a slave hunter and trader who fell onto his knees and started crying, was accepted and forgiven by the same Indians whom he hunted all over the forest not so long ago.

    See, I'm not living in a society where a message that love is stronger then pride is deeply present. I know that such society doesn't exist anywhere really, but here so called "traditional values" are much, much more pronounced and more important then love & forgiveness. They are advocated by the Serbian Orthodox Church, the same institution that should carry the core message of Christianity, that love and forgiveness must be above everything. Eye for an eye still seems to be #1 in their books, and they're calling themselves Christians, Orthodox Christians. It's mostly because of their (and organized monotheistic religions in general) wrong doing that we're living in a homophobic, xenophobic, racist and fascistic society, because this is what it still really is...

    Anyway, i got into a discussion with a friend about all that recently, where he argued that the human kind devolves instead of evolving.

    After thinking about the whole thing for a while, i explained him that he must rise above his life and his experiences in this practically tribal society, or in fact, life in any today's society.

    If we look at the bigger picture, we didn't give a fuck about environment or slaughtering the animals just 100 years ago, we sprayed each other with nerve gas just 100 years ago, used nukes just 50 years ago. Just a few centuries ago, we were burning "witches", "sodomites" and other "sinners", we gathered in thousands to witness the merry event, listened to their screaming, smelled their burning flesh, all without even a slightest hint in us that we're doing something horrible, it was even retold and retold by the fortunate witnesses of the event, with a glow in the eyes of the public, as it was a damn football game.

    If you try to see things that way, rise above your life journey, you kind of realize that there is hope for us. The percentage of those who have at least to some extent found the truth versus those who still live hate has never been higher historically, regardless of the general hypocrisy, wars for oil, drugs and so on, "all for the good cause"...

    In just 100 years we transformed the world, went beyond protons and neutrons, dissected chemistry, discovered DNA, walked on the Moon, sent robots to Mars, and so on... Now, here we are, and for the first time in history, we are thousands of miles away from each other, yet we're connected. One thread, tweet, blog post can reach thousands and millions in a blink.

    This cannot, by the laws of plain statistics if you want, lead to worse, it can only lead to better, because if you look at our history from a bit above your life and your experiences, good always wins. It has never been easier for that message that love is stronger then hate to reach people. It doesn't have to travel from mouth to mouth, or even in printed form anymore. You can simply call me an optimist, but i'm really convinced in that. Humanity has already went through stages of falling and rising better then before and the new Renaissance is not only possible but expected in my eyes.

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