A new weapon to detect drugs in school

By Abrad · Nov 14, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
    (New York - WABC, November 13, 2006) - It's called a "DrugWipe" and with a quick swipe, its makers say it can detect drug use
    Now, several Tri-State area schools are testing the technology.

    School security in Newark has been busy with this process of wiping down school lockers to detect the residue of drugs.

    Willie Freeman, Newark Schools Security Director: "We know that anything that you ingest is going to come out in your sweat glands and all youngsters will touch their lockers at some point in the day."

    Using a small device known as a DrugWipe, limited tests have found indications of several types of drugs.

    The DrugWipe picks up the residue from perspiration and can identify the drug with a simple test. It had been used by police in Germany and is distributed here by the firm Global Detection and Reporting.

    Kyle Harris, Global Detection and Reporting CEO: "So the school is getting specific information about drugs being brought into the school ..."

    The Newark School District has spent about $30,000 for training and implementation of the testing program in about six schools. These devices are also being marketed to parents.

    It is being marketed over the Internet to families for $50 dollars per kit.

    The device is being tested or used at a few other school districts in the area.

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  1. izzy31
    Advanced little tool there, but I doubt California schools are going to have it - with the budget cutbacks on schools, they can barely supply paper anymore.
  2. radiometer
    ^ They can barely provide toilet paper!

    I find the wording of the title of this article interesting - since it seems to me that a more pressing problem than drugs in school is weapons in school. Why not invent "a new drug to detect weapons in school?" ;)
  3. Riconoen {UGC}
    Speaking of weapons in school, all the high schools here have metal detectors at the entrance and armed security guards. I don't see the piont though becuase most if not all school shootings the perp will bust out that shotgun right at the gate and start blasting.
  4. Nature Boy
    Over-obsessing about drugs and weapons in schools will only further take from students' education by eating into school budgets. The lovely world of US bureaucratic bullshit in action.
  5. Universal Expat
    Take that wipe and run it across US currency of ANY denomination and swim guarantees it will come up positive for at least 1 if not more than 1 illegal substance. This type of test is absolutely worthless, except to fool ignorant parents into thinking the school is doing something.

    True story: Swim remembers when he was in the good old grey bar hotel, and the administration was using a test similiar to this on its visitors in an attempt to curb the inflow of drugs from the visiting room. All visitors had to be "wiped" with this test. Suddenly you had grandmothers being turned away for testing positive for amphetimines because they were on diet pills and people who had never touched drugs being turned away because they tested positive for this or that. It was getting crazy and there were complaints all over the place. So the warden went down and tested HIS hands on it, and the money in his wallet (he was a asshole, but he was a fair smart asshole) and guess what HE tested positive for numerous substances and his currency as well. Needless to say the next weekend the tests were history and the company Im sure got one hell of a reaming from a very pissed off warden.
  6. Forthesevenlakes
    Which leads us to the next weapon in the War on the War on Drugs...simply tell your lab rat to touch everything he can. If everything is testing positive for drugs (such as the warden and his currency in TXP's story) these devices will be useless.

    Its incredible that schools feel the need to spend fortunes in order to make sure that kids aren't on drugs, but textbooks, art and music programs, teaching supplies, computers, etc. are fairly low on their list of priorities. I can envision a day not far off where the only things schools will have on their curriculum is teaching children not to bring drugs and weapons to school...the rest of the departments and programs having been given the axe due to budget cuts.

    If I were a parent in one of these schools, I'd be livid. Not only at the violation of privacy, but also because this money could be put towards many things that would actually further the education of children. Public school doesnt have to be an oppressive prison devoid of learning or enjoyment, but some school districts do their best to make it this way. No wonder America's public education system is such a joke...
  7. Riconoen {UGC}
    Can I get an amen to ftsl's post. I think our public schools are a travesty, if I have kids they're going to a private school.
  8. Lunar Loops
    Singling out students "who look stoned", where will it all end?

    This from the NY Post:



    SWEAT IT: DrugWipe kits detect evidence of drug use in samples of sweat lifted from surfaces.


    November 13, 2006 -- A handful of schools in the tri-state area are hoping to wipe out drugs with one quick swipe.
    They're using a new DrugWipe technology that allows educators to take samples from lockers or other surfaces, picking up on trace amounts of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana that users give off in their sweat.
    In a matter of minutes, officials can determine what kind of illegal narcotics are in their school, where drug dealers might be lurking and how young the users are.
    Newark school officials want to use the information to fine-tune their anti-drug message, adjusting it to the reality of what drugs kids are actually using, said Willie Freeman, security director for the Newark School District. But officials won't be using the test to bust individual kids, he said.
    "It's just the right thing to do. It's the smart thing to do," Freeman said. "We want to make the curriculum flexible enough to teach toward the problem."
    After receiving a $30,000 federal grant to test six city schools, a team of school safety officers went through Newark's 1,500-student Barringer HS last week, swiping batches of 20 locker handles with each hand-held testing kit.
    Freeman wouldn't share the results of the test, but said he was pleasantly surprised.
    "There were some positives - we did get some marijuana and some hits of cocaine," he said, but "less than I thought. I'm extremely pleased, and I'm pretty sure the principal will be even more pleased."
    Because the lockers are tested in batches, school officials can't identify individual students who may be using drugs. But it's easy to figure out how old the users are, since lockers are organized by grade.
    "We always find cocaine and marijuana," said Roger Deitch, president of Global Detection & Reporting, the New York-based company that offers the swipe test. "Some schools, we find a little heroin and meth."
    The technology was developed a few years ago at the request of German police who wanted a quick way to test drivers for drug impairment, Deitch said.
    The company just began offering $50 kits to parents over its Web site, he said. And one school principal in New Jersey is looking to take the technology to a whole new level - seeking permission from his board to swipe the foreheads of students who look stoned.
  9. kailey_elise

    And I thought the metal detectors they put in my high school at the end of my school career were an invasion of privacy...

    I plan to keep a lookout for shit like this going on in my area, and as a tax-payer raise high holy hell. We have better things to spend our money on.

    For crissakes, when I was a young'un with allergy issues, my mother (a former drug abuser at that!) thought I was stoned when I'd given in and taken Benedryl for the pain & suffering. How could I expect a principal to know any better? How fucking insulting.

  10. Nagognog2
    The chemical in these tests is cobalt thiocyanate. It will turn blue from just about anything. It's also used by rip-off contractors to show that your house is painted with lead paint and needs a "special" cleaning. To the tune of over $10,000.
  11. Lunar Loops
    Education Quandary

    The following article appears on The Independent Online Edition (UK). It is a response to a readers question regarding the possibility of introducing drug testing in their school. Some very valid points here:
    'Would testing pupils for drugs help us to deal with a growing problem in our school?'

    By Hilary Wilce Published: 16 November 2006

    Hilary's advice
    You need to ask yourselves some serious questions here. Such as what, exactly, are you aiming to do if you bring in drug tests? Will they work? And what will a testing programme do to your school culture?
    Some schools - mostly independent boarding schools - have been using drugs tests for years, but by and large only if they think that a pupil is under the influence. A few schools use random testing, and the apparent success of one school in Kent, whose exam results shot up after it introduced testing for 20 random pupils a week, has now led to the scheme being piloted throughout the county.
    But, by law, tests can only ever be voluntary. Any pupil can refuse. And schools cannot expel a pupil on the basis of a positive test, as it is not a criminal offence to have drugs in your system.
    So the main point of testing is to send out a strong message on drugs, to help children face down peer pressure, and to reassure parents that your school is a drug-free zone.
    Against this is the very big question of whether it could undermine trust between pupils and teachers, and lead to an unproductive atmosphere of resentment and defiance.
    Bear in mind, too, that there is no conclusive proof that testing works. The most comprehensive study to date, of middle and high schools in the USA, showed that it actually had a negligible impact on children's drug-taking.
    Drugs are a dreadful, pernicious problem. You are right to want to tackle it head-on. But if you do introduce testing, be careful to make certain that it is part of a wider package of help and support.
    Readers' advice
    This was talked through at our student council. The school was thinking about doing it, but wanted to know what we thought. Most of us thought it wouldn't make much difference, and that it could easily come to be seen as pretty cool to refuse to take a test, or be tested positive. They never did bring it in.
  12. yayo4yournasal
    is it just me or is this a total invasion of privacy??

    I feel that the contents of my bodily excretions are my private business, and shouldn't be under examination without a court order or my express written consent. Frickin facist bastards.
  13. Sklander
    Man, there is going to be some kind of major change in the way the world views drugs and society. All SWIM thinks about when he reads shit like this is the book 1984. Do we have any freedoms left? I can't ingest cannabis, but I can get drunk, drive and killl your 16 year-old kid? I can buy cigarettes that cause lung cancer when I am 18, and, oh... I can also go die for my country when I am 18.

    Like, seriously you guys, are these guys serious about what they are doing?

    Leave me the fuck alone and let me live. Shit. This shit is so frustrating sometimes. Isn't it obvious that the approach they are taking isn't working? How many more people will have to suffer minimum mandatory sentences of FIVE FUCKING YEARS for getting caught with cannabis.

    They have their heads up their asses, ladies and gentleman. Its the only thing SWIM can think of.

    There has to be a drastic change in the view of reality and society.
  14. darawk
    Freedom? You're perfectly free to ingest whatever you like, as long as a pharmaceutical company has patented it, and their patent hasn't expired yet. Can't have you curing your diseases for free now can we?
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