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A Night of Injecting Miscellaneous Drugs Leads to Young Woman's Death

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    BRITAIN - A Southampton woman died of a drug overdose after she and her casual boyfriend injected a mixture of heroin and crack cocaine. Jamie Nicholson awoke in the bedroom of his flat in Millbrook Road East on the evening of June 13 to find Belinda Dalby’s body lying next to him, with a computer cord knotted around her neck, an inquest heard.

    Believing he had killed her, the 30-year-old took an overdose of anti-depressants, cut his wrists and turned himself into the police, telling them: “I’m guilty, I did it.” Nicholson told detectives he had no memory of how the 26-year-old had died, but denied wanting to hurt her or that they had indulged in sex games.

    PC Simon Spencer’s statement, read to the inquest into Miss Dalby’s death, told how he had found blood splattered around the flat: “There was a mattress in the middle of the room and various items all around. Her body was covered by a sheet.” Mr Nicholson was arrested and charged with Belinda's murder, but the allegation was dropped when toxicology tests found high levels of heroin and cocaine in her blood. A postmortem examination also concluded that she had not been strangled, and her death was caused by drug use.

    The court heard that Miss Dalby, who worked as a prostitute, had been violently raped by a client two months earlier in an attack which left her having to walk with crutches. Case officer DS Mark Huxford said that CCTV footage had showed Mr Nicholson and Miss Dalby as being alone together in his flat from the evening of June 12 until late the following afternoon.

    “They had a casual sexual relationship and sometimes shared drugs,” he said. “He sometimes went out to protect her from other prostitutes who bullied her. He can’t remember what happened all night. He says he must have done this but doesn’t remember how.”

    Recording a verdict of death by drug use, senior central Hampshire coroner Grahame Short said that Miss Dalby had already taken some drugs before she went up to Mr Nicholson’s flat that night: “I can only suspect that she wasn’t counting on having a further score or heroin and cocaine on that occasion.

    “She was clearly a vulnerable adult as a street walker.”

    The Daily Echo/Nov. 14, 2014
    Newshawk Crew

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. Mark Rutte
    Doesn't sound like a fun combination, but admittedly, I never tried it.
    Silly boi. Most antidepressants aren't any more lethal than acetaminophen. That is, you'll have to garble hundreds upon hundreds of pills until your liver just gives up - a rather painful and slow (days..) death.
    [skip common phrase that some regard as instructions] Seriously it's not like if you accidentally cut yourself in the wrist you'll bleed out - most people have absolutely no clue how to cut their wrists "properly" (by that I mean: in a lethal way). Hollywood hardly ever gets it right. He probably wasn't going to die.
    This action seems somewhat moot after trying to kill yourself.. twice.
  2. perro-salchicha614
    Okay, I don't want to get into some sort of fight, but are you trying to tell people how to slit their wrists "properly"? Discussion of suicide is against the rules.
  3. Mark Rutte
    Not exactly. It's a fairly common "fun phrase" because there are quite a few people who attempt suicide hollywood-style, and it would appear (especially given the antidepressant overdose mentioned) that this would be one of those cases.

    What I'm trying to say is the report isn't entirely complete - someone who isn't knowledgeable might think it's a miracle the guy survived two suicide attempts, but it's more likely he never really wanted to die in the first place. This was probably an outcry for help.

    It's even possible (I say possible - not likely) he did it to get a reduced sentence.

    As far as the fun phrase - it's no more "instructions" than "to drive a car, you must use the gas pedal, not the brake pedal" would be sufficient instructions to drive a car. Yes, I unfortunately know more about the subject than I'd want to - but I'm not going to provide clear-cut instructions here. There's plenty of sites for that.

    "properly" was in quotes for a reason - it's not something you should want to do in the first place. But that doesn't mean there aren't "right" and "wrong" ways to do it.
  4. Ghetto_Chem
    Although I know you weren't implying how to do suicide better, I doubt this was a cry for help or something he did to get a reduced sentence.

    Would anyone really be thinking about how to get a reduced sentence in a situation like that? And even if he did I doubt anyone would down a bottle of anti-depressants and slit their wrists just for reduced time in jail, doesn't make any sense.

    As for it being a cry for help, again I seriously doubt it. No one would go to such extremes just as a cry for help. Most folks aren't knowledgeable enough to know that a bottle of anti-depressants wouldn't kill them like you said. And even if someone did would they risk the excrutiating pain just to cry out for help. Usually cries for help come after a long period of a person not being heard by those around them.

  5. Mark Rutte
    If taken literally, yes, some people will be thinking about that.

    If nobody ever thought about reducing a sentence, nobody would ever bother to hide a body.
    The more I think about it, the more I wonder if it actually isn't rather realistic. Imagine he actually would remember killing her (false memory or not - for the sake of argument assume he did), this could possibly be the way to walk away with a very small sentence. Assuming he knew a bottle of antidepressants wasn't going to kill him and cutting his wrists in a way that he would be sure he'd survive. If that saves you from say, a decade in prison.. That may well be worth considering.

    I don't know if that's the case here. But as they say: if a human can think of it, there's someone out there willing to do it.

    He's either very smart or very chaotic.
    Many have gone considerably further.
    It's not a conscious outcry, obviously. What I'm saying is, if he truly wanted to die, he wouldn't have done things this way.
  6. Ghetto_Chem
    People don't hide bodies to get a reduced sentence, they hide bodies to get no sentence... Not sure where this logic is coming from. If a person plans on getting caught for murder I doubt they really care how long they will be in there.

    Again no one (including yourself) would ever go through such a thought process in such a short amount of time. You need to learn how to put yourself in someone shoes for a second and logically think about what you would do and how you would act. Have you been in a traumatic situation before?

    Again this is assuming he knew without a shadow of a doubt the pills wouldn't kill him, which frankly nobody knows because its still very possible they could. You can't say no one would die from taking that many anti-depressants (we don't even know which ones, which makes my point stronger), and I doubt many people are willing to find out.

    It just doesn't make any sense at all...

  7. Mark Rutte
    I wish I could say no.

    You have absolutely no idea what people under pressure and lost in desperation are capable of. For me, it didn't work out. And that's all I want to say about it.

    I'm not saying the story didn't play out as presented by the media - but if you blindly believe it, you're naive.
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