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A North Carolina City Council discusses medical marijuana

By guldenat, Jan 22, 2009 | Updated: Jan 22, 2009 | |
  1. guldenat
    Medical Marijuana Debate Goes To Greensboro City Council

    Greensboro, NC -- Medical marijuana supporters took their case to the Greensboro City Council Wednesday night.
    Members of the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network want to legalize marijuana to treat illness.
    The group aims to encourage dialogue on the issue in Greensboro.
    Harold Watts, nc cannabis patients network
    "We're really looking forward to some town hall debates where we can bring in the opposition," said Harold Watts with the NCCPN. "And we can kind of debate over the subject... and educate them and the community at the same time."
    Opponents argue legalizing marijuana could create more addicts.

    Mackenzie Mckenzie, WFMY News 2


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