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By Mick Mouse · Nov 28, 2012 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    I know that there are many of you who follow this blog on a regular or semi-regular basis. Believe me, I am flattered that so many people seem to have an interest in what I have to say!

    But it comes with a price. One that most of us rarely, if ever, think about.

    I am asking you to think about it today.

    It is not only your enjoyment of this blog, but also every single thing you do here that is or can be affected. Many of us, including myself, owe this forum many things. Some of us-again, including myself-owe our very lives to who and what we found here. The information, the assistance, but above all, the support. The compassion of the people who are willing to give freely of themselves in order to help other.

    Now-imagine if this place wasn't here. I'm not necessarily talking about now, but imagine what would have happened if this place was not here back when you needed it. Or if it went away right now! Could you finish your journey by yourself?

    Please-consider making a donation. It does not have to be very much, either! We,......I am not asking that you break the bank or skip christmas. Just a couple of bucks.


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  1. derpahderp
    If I find a way to do so like loading a pre-paid CC/mall visa,mc pre-paid card.


    Paypal/greendot cards/walmart card/etc

    I believe that might solve hesitance-- at least for myself.
    I'm a newb, but really find these forums a nice reprieve/safe haven.
    Msg heard.
  2. Mick Mouse
    The forum does Paypal, in addition to a number of other methods. In the upper right corner of the home page, there is a box that will provide further information when you click on it.

    Thank you!
  3. derpahderp
    Oh. Ty for answer- and sorry for the late reply. My card is loaded already and I'm honestly on the fence about staying active. Ill make a donation either way though. Appreciated your blogs-- there was a couple I've read and gl with everything.
  4. failed_panda
    I am struggling to keep up with my energy bills and even rent, but to me this site has been literally a life-saver. I had been experiencing debilitating, horrific withdrawals almost WEEKLY, and panic attacks that made my family afraid for my life. I am very sure I would not still be here if this forum had not shown me how to curb the severity of detox, and I am able to even function half-way normal, even without the pain meds for my severe chronic pain. I would give this site the shirt off my back! Consider it done. :applause:
  5. Metomni
    I have been in horribly awful financial straights the last couple years and have just now found a good, steady, reliable job that I enjoy. I will be donating in the coming months. I first donated several years ago and have become less active of late, but I still check back and I definitely realize the importance and quality of this place.
  6. KeepOnTrying
    Listen people, I am not one to preach Lord knows I'm not at this site to judge or condemn

    I originally joined because I LOVED CanadianBacon and his articulate rants. Along the way I have met MANY others that influenced my decision donate.

    It takes 5 min. Go to Walmart, Get a pre paid visa/master card/ what ever. Register it with what ever name you want, Put 30 bucks on it and there you go! your in.

    This sited is ALWAYS here unlike some of our friends.family.
  7. Mick Mouse
    Guys, I'm flattered by the response! I thought at most two or three people would see this, with maybe another couple f people finding it in the social groups I watch over, but the response has been really good!

    Thank you!

    Allow me to offer one more suggestion-rather than placing comments here, where the audience is limited at best, do the same thing I did-place a small request in your signature or on your blogs, or maybe in a social group that you watch over.

    Maybe we can take a shitty situation-the thought of our place here being limited because of funding-and make it mushroom into a movement. The more people who get the word out, the more people who will see it! And it doesn't necessarily all have to be requests for donations, either! Remind people that we have an on-line store that sells cool-ass D-F stuff, come up with ideas to get more people to donate, THINK!

    Damn it, we as drug users or former users have proven time and time again that we are the most resourceful people on the planet when it comes to making money appear out of thin air, just as we non-drug users and professional people have proven that we know what it takes to get ahead and stay there-give this some thought and lets find a way to make D-F not only maintain itself, but grow and thrive. Just my thoughts and my opinion, though.
    And thank you all again!
  8. derpahderp
    The sig is a good idea-- I think at least... ty again without this update.. I almost threw away a wonderful community to share any shitty situation with.. even if it's going to be withdrawl.

    How should I put it in the sig-- and also or did you mean D-F or the donate idea?

    See you around the forums.
    DahD ;)
  9. ZenobiaSky
    Yeah I admit, I'm one of those that enjoy following your blog, I'm sure you know I've been struggling, so I'm a bit behind on keeping tabs on your life :)
    And that was an awesome post!!!! I found the site through a few google searches I made, and soon it was my home. I don't know where I would be without my secret sanctuary we call D-F, things I say here, I can't say to anyone. What started as information seeking turned into a life line I proudly support, and remind others, please donate, it doesn't have to be much, everything helps.
    Thanks Toxin for reminding others of this!
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