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  1. SpatialReason
    Well, I finally got to speak with a Realtor, and he came up with a game plan that will keep me from having to get my parents to co-sign, help me take off a lot of the down payment, and keep things very cheap and cost effective.

    Only 3 more months until this can possibly happen. I am so excited and so anxious to have it.

    I could have had it already, but I was told that it would mean my family owns my house as well. That shut down the motions of them cosigning.

    I am just so excited to look at homes! I will be able to do interior design, garden, and not feel like a sissy! :D

    Things are starting to look up. Also I am starting to clean up my desire for alcohol. It is boring as hell, but I have been testing my ability to resist certain drugs and alcohol, and I have been successful. Really, it is all about trying not to "have the maximum fun capable." I think my problem has been overdoing it simply because I can. I realize that isn't how you party. I used to be a lot better than I once was, but I lost all modesty recently.

    Now that this house is coming to reality: I give a fuck. I give a big fuck. My job, my life, and everything seems to trump the desire for substances right now. If I can keep this up, big things will come!


  1. derpahderp
    What does it look like SR? Does it look like a 2br 1.5bath ... maybe town house or condo? -Sounds like youre going through the motions.. At least now you'll have your own spot, get used to the mundane and bit of the good life.

    take it easy SR, and keep doing your thing
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