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A poem inspired by, yup, you guessed, methamphetamines.

  1. JoyfulLife
    This is posted a few places, but I just felt like it should be my blog today. I'm not sure if it captures the love/hate relationship we got going on, but it gives a very real idea of what is, or what I'm afraid of.


    Bright eyes, lost in the shadows
    bathed in the hollows
    that become blurry in the
    light of day, blinded.

    I once was found,
    and forever lost,
    trippin on a playground
    of neon white and smoked
    just right brings me to life.

    Holy ground unwalked,
    shades follow close,
    waiting with death,
    lost gone, mind numb
    racing thoughts , acid washed,
    armored against my own
    spiral of sound, crumbled down
    until theres nothing left
    but shatters, tatters of
    a wasted breath, toxic.



  1. no eff eks
    Cool poem... wish I weren't in a position to relate so well at the moment... stimulants are the devil, that's all I have.
  2. JoyfulLife
    They say satan was one of the most beautiful angels.
  3. aquatic
    Yes.. but what good is beauty when you deny the one that gave it?
  4. JoyfulLife
    aquatic, agreed completely..as I said, love/hate...I love the way I feel, I hate that I do it at all. I'm working on it, when I started I was disgusted with myself everyday, then I didn't give 2 damns because it made me feel better. Now, I'm working on being ready to be done with it, because I know how terrible it is overall, no matter how beautiful I feel right now.
  5. derpahderp
    Words were felt. ^ and I'm talking about the reply, "working on it, when I.."

    -- "how I've felt before.."
    Replace the working on its.. Then one year it kinda clears. Fractured a bit, but still whole :)
    (experience taught me that).

    Keep hope and see you around the forums.
  6. derpahderp
    Sometimes I come back to check out your poem-

    (fyi, I can't reply to your vm via wall post) I replied back on my own wall though.
    -g'night Joy ;)
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