A quaint, misinforming article about 2-CI from our friends at the DPNA

By Nacumen · Feb 15, 2007 · Updated Feb 28, 2007 · ·
  1. Nacumen
    2C-I: A new, illegal drug available online
    Monica Robins WKYC-TV (Cleveland)
    May 19, 2006

    If you think drug dealers are hanging out on street corners or near schools targeting children, it's time for a wake-up call. Thousands of them are now reaching out through the internet.

    ^lol @ the stolen erowid image

    [/B]That's the case with a relatively new drug that's dangerous but for sale online.

    Packages filled with coffee first raised suspicion at UPS.

    But the coffee was meant to conceal something else: Drugs. But it wasn't something detectives had ever seen before:

    "When we first saw it -- we were thinking meth -- although it's a little finer, powdery form than meth usually is," Narcotics Officer Sgt. Bill Evans said.

    They traced the packages to a northern California drug dealer - Zachary Michael Fisher -- who told detectives the strange substance was something called 2C-I.

    Its full name is 2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenethylamine.

    Popular in Canada and Europe, it's also sometimes called "the spice." - Pretty sure it's actually illegal in most of Europe

    But no matter what you call it - 2C-I is a powerful psychedelic -- similar in effects to LSD.

    One person who used 2C-I describes the effects:

    "It takes like 20 minutes to kick in -- you get energy, you wanna do something, things start to morph, and you see colors - everything seems weird."

    Eric is a teen did 2C-I, until his uncle discovered a vial of it in his school backpack.

    "When I found it in his backpack, and when he finally started talking about it he said -- well don't worry about it, it's not even illegal," Eric's uncle, Kris, said. "Lots of kids are starting to do this."

    But it is illegal. -wrong

    New on the DEA radar, 2C-I and its cousins fall under the Federal Analog Act. -true

    Which means if it looks like and acts like an illegal drug -- it is illegal.

    -Great definition you made up there, Monica!


    The internet is now a great street corner for drug dealers. -lol

    "Many drug dealers can now enter the privacy of a home, and entice and sell their destruction to children," Drug Enforcement Agency agent Gordon Taylor said. -and the reference to an actual case of this happening is... where?

    And these drugs are unknown for their addiction potential, allergic reaction, or overdose threshold.

    "We don't know yet if patients are going to be stimulated -- as is the case with cocaine -- will they develop a lot of paranoia and therefore a lot of violence with its use?" St. Vincent Charity Hospital Dr. Chris Adelman said. "We just don't know that yet. But those are concerns."

    The websites that sell the drugs send mixed messages as well.

    One page declares them as "quality research chemicals for personal and business use" while saying in very small print on the disclaimer the chemicals are "offered for laboratory and manufacturing use only."

    2C-I comes in several forms, pill, powder or clear liquid.

    The DEA is trying to prosecute several research chemical vendors for selling it.

    For those of you unfamiliar, the Federal Analogue Act is vague on the status of 2C-I, but by no means is 2C-I illegal to possess if it's in its original form. If it is sold for human use or sold posing as a controlled substance, then it can be treated as a controlled substance.

    This article is nearing a year old, but it was too sweet to pass up. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, though actually it really only succeeded in pissing me off. Maybe they'll learn one day? I can only hope.

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  1. radiometer
    Notification sent to copyrights at erowid dot org (email addy modified to avoid spam spiders)

    Please do this whenever you see erowid's copyrighted property used with being credited.
  2. darawk
    "takes 20 minutes to kick in"? I don't think so. SWIM's 2c-i took a solid 2 hours to kick in, and he's never read of anyone really coming up on 2c-i in under 45 minutes.
  3. sg43
    SWIM remembers watching the video about this, it was a news-report, I will see if I can find a link to the video.
  4. zera
    The media hasn't had a good drug scaremongering story in a while, meth is kind of old. They're looking for something new that will shock their viewers and increase ratings What do you think gets more people to watch "Tonight at 10 a new substance is gaining popularity, that has virtually no health or addiction effects". or "Tonight at 10, new superdrug overruning entire communities, kids as young as 3 are slamming that shit, dealers are secretly doping water supplies to get people addicted, you can die just by loooking at someone under the influence. OMG!!!!!"

    I'm praying to Allah that research chemicals don't become the new media scare story, hopefully this cheese shit in the other thread does instead. It certainly makes a more sensationalist story than a bunch of hippies consuming some obscure chemicals that 95% of the population can't pronounce.
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