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By Tinkerblah · Mar 2, 2016 · ·
  1. Tinkerblah
    I have decided to try sobriety and rehab. I'm going to an intensive outpatient program called rehab after work ( I call it rehab after dark to make it sound more exciting.) I've been sober for 28 days now. By this I mean no alcohol. My pdoc and I have been working on cutting back on my clonazepam and I'm happy to share that I'm now at 1.5 mgs a day, down from 3 mgs a day a month ago. We decided to take baby steps with the benzo since I went cold turkey with the alcohol. I'm still very fragile and quite ashamed of many of my posts here. I will face those when I'm stronger. I'm just asking for prayers and good thoughts to the god, gods, goddesses, or sacred trees of your choice for me as I work to get and keep clean.

    I'll try to check in often.

    Much love,


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  1. AmbitiousStoner
    Congrats for your clean time, and the baby steps you've taken on cutting back on the clonazepam. As the 12 steppers says, "progress not perfection". Please be proud of the progress you've made, and will continue to make. Your DF family is cheering you on and we all want the best for you. BiG HUGS!
  2. Beenthere2Hippie
    Terrific news, that I'm sure you are happy about as well. I'm wishing you The Best in your efforts and do hope you come back and tell us how things are in the near future. Sending good thoughts and strong hope your way, BT2H :vibes:
  3. Morphina Blue
    Hi Tinkerblah, congrats on your time sober. I hope you're hanging in there ok. Someone once recommended sweets, ice cream in particular, for the alcohol cravings. I don't know if it worked for me back then, but I know I love ice cream & anything pleasurable no matter how small could be of a benefit to you. Please keep us posted. x
  4. Tinkerblah
    I fell off hard tonight but I have learned that relapse is part of recovery. I'm going to seek out my first AA meeting tomorrow. I'm so humbled.
  5. AmbitiousStoner
    Relapse definitely is a part of recovery. Please don't beat yourself up for falling off (or under) the wagon. Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes you have to take one or two steps backwards before you can take three steps forward. In the end, it's all about progress.
    Good luck in your quest for normalcy and the fact you'd even announce such a bold statement

    tells me you are already on the right road.

    Just stay on it as best you can and if a bump comes between you and your goal,drive over it

    and don't bother checking the rear view mirror.

    Good luck my friend!:thumbsup:
  7. Tinkerblah
    Well I can say I've done pretty well. Sort of. I can usually go at least five or six weeks sober at a time. Not great but really so much better than two or three days. It's a journey....
  8. detoxin momma
    5 or 6 weeks sober at a time is pretty damn good, i can't go 5 or 6 days completely sober...

    good hearing from you,hope you have a great christmas and new year:vibes:
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