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By Coconut · Jul 11, 2009 · ·
  1. Coconut
    The notion of AD(H)D gets on my nerves sometimes. I accept that it exists to a degree... my main issue lies with how belief in its existence relies on twisted, corrupted science.

    There are symptoms, such as inattention, inability to concentrate and chronic fatigue which are typical of inattentive type ADD. But I know for a fact that labelling millions of children as mentally ill is morally reprehensible, when they're acting perfectly normally.

    Kids are not meant to spend eight hours a day in school, learning boring shit that they don't care about. They're kids; they should be having fun.

    This is what I don't get: life should be all about having fun. Where did the idea of spending 80% of your life in a classroom and working as a slave to some fat cunt in a suit come from? Do yourself a favour and quit your job. Haha, you think I'm joking don't you? I'm deadly serious. Quit your job and do something which is actually worthwhile with your life. If you're thinking of having a child, have second thoughts. Why would you create another life to become a part of the decadence and suffer like everyone else? Because you're happy with your mediocrity? Because Jesus will return to restore humanity to how it is supposed to be? Don't make me laugh.

    There are so many things wrong with this world and they are all mendable, but despite countless efforts (such as the counter-culture of the 60s), humanity continues to rot. It really makes me sick, and I long ago gave up trying to change things for the better.

    I'm tired of people telling me that being employed is good, that it's ok to have your employer treat you like a beaten slave, that we should vote, that we should gulp down our prescription SSRIs and amphetamine derivatives without question while simultaneously denouncing or cowering in fear at the mention of lysergic acid diethylamide or psilocybin, drugs which have done such an immeasurable amount of good and which have the potential to reverse humanity's decay.

    I'm also tired of people telling me that prescription medicine is the answer. Did you ever stop to think why so many people are depressed? Because the world is shit. Because people like you (if you have a mortgage in a housing estate, two kids, a car, a wife, a nine to five desk job and an alcohol cabinet at home) make it shit. The world is shit because of certain people at the top of the ladder, who sit at home masturbating over their bank account statements and who froth at the mouth when they think of what war they can manufacture next to keep us all terrified and under control. Didn't you know? That's all you are: a serf, a worker ant. Expendable. Worth nothing. Only good for your money. I laugh when people think they can make a difference through the ballot box or by boycotting a product or company. You morons, you're worthless to your masters.

    The saddest part is: nobody is exempt from this. The state and the corporate conglomerate stretch all over the globe. Those of us who are good people, who want to escape this horrific prison that we were born into against our will, cannot. We are held against our will.

    So, don't you get it yet? You're a slave. All of this ridiculous nonsense about democracy and being free... it's all for nothing.

    It's been a long time since I wrote anything like this - many years, in fact. It's quite therapeutic, but it's difficult to coherently put your thoughts into words without forgetting or failing to explain everything adequately.

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  1. helikophis
    Maybe it's true that nobody is exempt from it, I couldn't say. But there are people out there who choose a life "outside the system," to the extend that's possible. There aren't very many, and they certainly aren't happy or well-adjusted people, and I wouldn't call them free, but they're out there.

    Of course they can't escape the system totally - the system is everywhere - ultimately, the system is civilization itself. They don't produce anything, they make their lives on the refuse of the system they reject; their freedom is the freedom of a scavenger or parasite ... but for some this is preferable to endless bondage. It takes either tremendous courage or paralytic fear - I'm not sure which. Either way I don't think it's something I would choose, although the few people of this sort that I have met are very inspirational.

    Those of us who are trying to recognize the bonds in which we have been tied, we have a responsibility to turn that knowledge into a desire for something better, and the desire into action. We have to keep hoping (and working!!!!!) for real freedom, even within our bondage. Maybe we can't win, even with hope. But without hope, even the smallest victory will never be won.

    Even if as you say (and I think you're right), we can't make a difference at the ballot box, it's still possible to make a difference in the way we live our lives. Of course you know this - that's why we are on this forum right? Or at least part of the reason - but I still feel it needs to be said. Maybe we can't tear down this system, but we can always create, we can always build, and there's always some opression that we can destroy, even if it's only inside us.

    It might be that the world is doomed, that civilization has finally brought on the end of mankind, the end of Life, that collapse is inevitable. I've heard it said by people who know better than I do, that's for sure. But anyway that is in the future. Right now we're alive, slavery all around us. We can do something in the here and now. Every little bit counts. There is work to be done.

  2. Nature Boy
    Certainly a profound monologue. SWIM shares many of the same sentiments. Public education is, indeed, a waste of time for the most part. Besides learning to read, write and make simplistic mathematical calculations, there really isn't much to learn at primary/grade school level. Coming from Ireland where Catholicism is driven down your throat from a young age, he can safely estimate that a good 60% of primary school time was wasted on religious nonsense e.g. learning prayers, preparing for masses etc. SWIM's just glad he wasn't born a generation ago when mandatory ass-raping was thrown in with that 60% of rubbish (note: I'm not being blatantly offensive here. This shit actually happened. See Ryan Commission)

    But yes, Coconut. You do make a good point. One feels a sense of reluctance when it comes to bringing children into this fucked up world. The more SWIM analyses it, these nine-to-fivers are merely serving a life sentence for the mistake of getting some chick knocked up in the first place. It's sad that humanity has reduced itself to this. So much for civilisation. There are very few people who can afford the luxury of planning a child, ensuring he or she gets a good education (emphasis on the word 'good') and can go on to have a fulfilling life.

    In a way, SWIM might benefit in having this blind optimism that many people seem to flaunt. Work, play, settle down and have kids, get old and die. But deep down optimism is just an illusion. Just another interchangeable temporary human mindset that can change with the click of a finger. SWIM is not necessarily a pessimist though. He just sees things as they are. Where's the joy in drinking yourself shitless in tacky nightclubs listening to mindless music that has nothing to do with you or the people who actually seem to be enjoying it? This in itself isn't so bad. Leave the fools to their vices and whatnot but there's a far more sinister element to it.

    This involves being painted as a bad guy, a dry balls, a wet blanket for simply having an opinion and not going along with it. Words of criticism are feared, as if a few realistic statements cause physical pain or psychological torment. Are they that weak? This constant hunt for optimism. Be around happy people with happy fucking thoughts all the time and everything will be airy fairy, lovey dovey, diddly doo daa day. Bleh! It's a enough to make you sick. SWIM will be happy when he damn well pleases. He's not going to wear happiness like a badge and be another one-dimensional zombie with a fake smile etched across his mug.

    But yeah, a nice rant every now and then. It can be therapeutic. Good to know SWIM isn't alone. Oh here, have a smiley face. :)
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