A Rant-On "The Man", Oppression, and Mystic Mumbo-Jumbo.

By Mick Mouse · Jan 4, 2012 ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    My, how times have changes since the 1990's when DARE awards were being handed out to kids like speed gets handed out to combat pilots! You remember DARE, that debunked "Drug Abuse Resistance Education" program? The one where an over-zealous po-po on a power trip teaches you how to say no in a situation where stereotypically thuggish gang-banger offers you some herb or some dust? Having been a teenager in the early 1970's, I was pretty desensitized to Nancy Reagan's bull-shit "just Say No" campaign of the 80's and 90's. In fact, I can clearly recall being that much more interested in wanting to know just what made these illicit substances so taboo that not only were all of your friends' parents doing them, but the official powers that be were warning us not to partake, for we would surely end up either dead, homeless, or both as a consequence.

    While DARE might have taught us a million creative ways to say no to drugs, it never really answered the one question we all really wanted to know-Why are so many people doing these drugs?

    It wouldn't be until much later in life, when I had become more interested in human behavior and sociology, that the truth would finally occur to me. Perhaps we are all simply suffering a silent death, unfulfilled with the daily grind of an iron cage; a cage that homogenizes human experience and commodifies human labor while quashing creative expression all in the name of a global market economy; an economy based on imperialism, consumer fetishism, unlimited growth, politics of fear, un-renewable resources, adulterated GMO food, fluoridated/chlorinated water, ecological devastation, McDonaldized Education, and on and on. It is no wonder why so many of us seek a daily escape from a world of fear, lack, and limitation.

    Individuality is a threat to the system, and so the message of conformity breeds mediocrity is being emitted through the airwaves in every subtle medium of communication one can imagine, infiltrating our subconsciuos and shaping our intentions, those same intentions that for centuries the Buddha (and more recently quantum physics!) have been telling us have a profound and palpable effect on our physical reality and experience of the world.

    So, what do we do? How do we break the cycle of mediocrity? Do you live off the grid, communing with Mother Earth, making food and medicine from plants? Well, having a spiritual awakening is all well and good, but really? Living in primitive huts, waking up to the songbirds and sunshine, share stories around the campfire, have a mudfight and then clean off in the river, singing tunes and hanging out with the living organisms we call plants, making music with sticks and rocks while being in awe of the miracle of a sunset, even exploring yourself spiritually through techniques of kundalini yoga, meditation, vision quests, and soul readings with your local shaman?

    Hello! This is 2012 and the naked hippies have all grown up and become businessmen now. Besides, while it all sounds like wine and roses, an outdoor existence is hard and brutal. All of your energy goes toward staying alive and safe. That is why we don't do that crap anymore!

    All is not lost, however. While we have been taught that our view of the Hellenistic/Newtonian clock-work and separate universe is the correct one, what if it isn't? What if we really have lost a connection with a very important part of subtle reality? Call it a Gaian Mind, Godess-consciousness, universal oneness, soul, or whatever else you feel comfortable with. That which is within and all around and not separate from us. How do we get it back or "reconnect" as it were? Certain substances seem to provide an answer for that. Cannabis sativa, Ayahuasca, Ipomea Violacea, Salvia Divinium, Psilocyben mushrooms, and others as well. Society would have you believe that there is an inherent danger in these substances, but we believe that "Drugs" is merely a word that has been used by governments to make it impossible to think creatively and speak intelligently about those substances that have been used throughout history by peoples to alter not only their perception of space-time and reality, but also to nourish their bodies, suffice as medicines, heal afflictions, and access the ancient memories of our connection with life ' divinity, and the Mother.

    The truth is this-All those years ago, we didn't have the knowledge to express clearly those feelings of separateness and alienation that resulted from bring saturated in a dictocratic, mechanized world of nothings and no one's. So who are we to say that it is wrong for someone to stimulate oneself, to explore, sedate, or otherwise enlighten one's consciousness with the use of these substances which have derived from nature. There is an astrological shift coming with the Age of Aquarius, of which we can already begin to see the facilitation of virtues such as teamwork, cooperation, and tolerance taking place. The global awakening of human consciousness is rising and these ancient and wrongfully shamed plants will soon take their rightful place on the throne of royalty, for without them we may never know the true nature of our eternal, connected souls.

    Well, that last part may have been just a little over the top! "Take their rightful place on the throne of royalty"? Did I really say that? OK, so I got a little worked up, but that is what a rant is supposed to be, right? This won't happen often. I promise!

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