A Restless Mind

By beena · Feb 7, 2008 · ·
  1. beena
    I am suffering greatly at the minute with what I can only describe as a restless mind. I am feeling positive about my life, positive about SWIM giving up drugs, positive about returning to university and generally optimistic about life and what life has to throw at me. 'That sounds great', you might be forgiven for thinking, but the thing is everyone around me seems to be moving and talking in slow motion. My mind is racing with about fifteen different ideas per second. I have more thoughts than is humanly possible for my brain to filter through and process. Its like standing still in the middle of a motorway with cars zooming past on either side. What am I doing here?? Why am I here??
    I'm used to having negative thoughts and long periods of inactivity, I guess this new way of life, good as it may be, is going to take some time to get used to. ]
    I just hope that one day, not too far from now, my restless mind will turn into a satisfied mind.

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  1. savingJenniB
    May I suggest ~ Deep Breaths
    Perhaps a little meditation????
  2. Fight Club
    Finding a quiet mind is key to not having to hit the "reset" button with drugs every so often. Hang on through the cravings and you will emerge stronger on the backside.

  3. drbeer
    Boozer's mind has always been racing, it's only the beginning, may SWIY like that insight, for it may be the path to a better life!
  4. spacelord
    First of all I wish you could luck or rather success! Living a life you can be content with only halfway is quite an undertaking no matter if it's related to drug abuse or not.

    I figured thoughts will only stop running, or run a bit slower ;) if daily life is organized. Simply put: do what you have to do, when you have to do it. Yes, quite simple but a most difficult task. When you succeed tell me how to do it. :laugh:

    Going back to university is a gret idea for outlook, and motivation. Shows you that you actually have some skills. (Well it certainly also gives feedback what skills one lacks. :( )

    But back to the main point. Putting up with all the obligations in daily life is extremely effective, but also a fulltime job.^^ Sports ist the most effective/time efficient way to calm down a bit aside from tranquilizers of course.
  5. raverbaby1988
    My mind is always racing and good advice for getting rid of negative thoughts is to not fight them.
    Let them come and go if it is ' I can't get through this' just allow this thought and then let it go. It's got no choice but to go away good luck don't even know if this is relevant but hey.
    I you try an organise your life you will have less to worry about. Congrats for going back to university.
  6. spacelord
    So true! Always trying to fitght off negative thoughts can make you quite obsessed about them.
  7. drbeer
    Yeah it's true... boozer was obsessed about his negative thoughts too and after he did some psychedelics and accept these thoughts, he became a better man!
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