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A rock by the baby! Child sucks on cocaine ball at daycare!

  1. chillinwill
    This is horrifying!

    A child in Minneapolis was checked into a hospital last week after having been found sucking on a ball of cocaine that he picked up on the floor of his daycare center!

    WTF?!?! This place needs to invest in some age appropriate toys!

    The staffers noticed the 13-month-old boy sucking on the foreign object and immediately ran to his side to investigate. The cocaine was wrapped in some sort of plastic covering and the staff believes he found it in the infant room. Luckily, the boy never broke the seal around the ball, so he never was exposed to the drugs, though he was taken to the hospital anyway to make sure.

    Thank goodness, because not only was it drugs but it was on the dirty floor! Yuck!

    The daycare center is now checking it's entire staff with random drug testing and had the entire center cleaned and sanatized before allowing the children to return. No charges have been filed, as there is no way of knowing who the drugs belonged to, but the center is reviewing the names of the limited number of individuals who filter through the building everyday.

    This is awful! We hope they catch whoever did this!

    November 14, 2009
    Perez Hilton


  1. niggaprecious
    Wow, they are starting younger and younger these days.
    One of the infants there must slang LOL
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