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A Short Poem about Drug Addiction . . .

By beena, Jun 2, 2008 | |
  1. beena
    Her First Love (by Beena)

    Baby, when will you learn,
    That the crack you burn,
    Only leads to pipe dreams
    And nefarious schemes

    Left-wing student utopia,
    Became self-destruct dystopia,
    Big city lights and a future so bright
    Now lay in waste

    First came the highs
    Then came the cries
    A ten pound deal
    Preferred to a meal

    Languid inanition
    Replaced real ambition
    Days spent chasing, living room pacing
    After her first pipe

    Forty pounds for a quarter,
    A bottle of water,
    Tinfoil and ash
    Was her day to day stash

    Intense cerebral stimulation,
    No longer masked feelings of rejection
    Day to day strife, made her reach for the knife,
    Walls sprayed with claret

    A drug-addled mind
    Left the world far behind
    She’d strayed from the tracks
    Too far to come back

    Chemical connection had sought real affection
    Now all that is left upon reflection
    Is a mothers concern, for a daughter who never learned
    How to really live

    The End


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