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A Short Poem about Drug-related Crime......

  1. beena
    The Consequences of Your Actions

    Excessive fondness of chemical administration
    Rapacious love of this illicit medication,
    With all the resulting euphoric sensation
    Ends in a sticky finger situation
    Love of money - Oh that green temptation!
    Zealous security-guard detection
    Swiftly brings about your captivation
    With no need for police investigation
    You’re waiting in the dock in sweaty trepidation
    To hear the outcome of a judges machinations
    Off to join the criminal population
    In an iron-barred Victorian fortification
    Twelve by six four walled habitation
    With only a cellmate for conversation
    Twenty-four hour bang up in your new location
    With half an hour out for daily association
    Plenty of time for contemplation
    On the highs and lows of the chemical generation
    Or will you feel frustration?
    That drug offences should be matters of public health administration
    Dealt with in a community situation
    Either way, you screwed up and there’s no jubilation
    When you find out Pentonville is your new destination


  1. drbeer
    Great poem, sometimes Boozer likes to make some too, but it's mostly when he,s coming down from a speed binge...

    Anyway, he admires your talent, he's unable to make a poem that uses the same rhyme as often.
  2. Solinari
    I am certainly no poem critic, but i liked it. I particularly like how you never repeated the same word at the end. 23 different words that end in tion is a feat on its own, but to do it with out them looking out of place is excellent.

    Although i have never been in jail, i can still relate to it.
  3. Orchid_Suspiria
    That was very well done.
  4. mickenator
    Another good Blog, keep 'em coming
  5. D-termine
    Fantastic, SWIM has written a few as well, only they were scribbled on jail house stationary. Good poetry, I couldn't help but spit it a few times over this Aphex Twin joint off of their CD drukqs
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