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A Short Poem about London....

By beena · Aug 17, 2008 · ·
  1. beena
    London Daze…
    Wonder…I arrive with a sense of wonder
    Awe…I look around in awe
    Fright…Suddenly I’m gripped with fright
    Alone…For in a big city I am alone
    Unfriendly…All the faces seem unfriendly
    Cold…Their expressions are cold
    Slowly…I start to walk slowly
    Weaving…Through the labyrinthine streets I’m weaving
    Commotion…All around is noise and commotion
    Bright…the city lights are bright
    Immense…London seems immense
    Sleepy…the sprawling streets I’ve walked makes me sleepy.
    Dazed…This city life makes me feel confused and dazed
    Home…I’m a long way from home
    Taxi! I shout out ‘Taxi’
    Gone…I leave the city far behind I’m gone.
    BY Beena


  1. cuddlesthefox
    That struck a real chord here.
    pretty bloody excellent.
  2. sylenth
    that's very creative beena. sure sounds like the way it is there. :)
  3. xxxSuSHixxx
    Swipetfish thinks he needs a cold shower and a tissue T__T
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