A Staggering Revelation Regarding the Site...

By Metomni · Jan 24, 2012 · ·
  1. Metomni
    Okay, so a little bit of background information before I give the revelation. A few summers back, after the site had become extremely populated, but before it had grown into what it is now, I had dedicated a significant chunk of time to gathering and entering the Rehab Facility Lists we have stored on our beloved website.

    Now then, the past few weeks I have been trying to be at least slightly more active in reading and posting on the boards, but the truth of the matter is I haven't been nearly as active as I would like for the last 18 months or so, at least as far as posting and really dedicating time to handing out rep and forum activities. That said, I recently noticed my reputation bar (and only just recently, probably since we got the new server equipment last year?) has been growing quickly even though I haven't been active.

    In trying to figure out how this was happening I found something saying that you get .02 points for every page view on a thread you started and to the right of that I saw that I had 75,000 points from that which amounts to like almost 4 million page views just on threads that I made...

    I thought that sounded ridiculous, I mean why don't I have a blog making me ridiculous amounts of money if I can get those kinds of numbers, right?

    Until I realized that many people are coming here for information on those rehab centers. Sometimes when you have your own motives you forget the differing needs of others and in addition to all the information we have sharing how great substances can be it is so important to remember that rehab and harm reduction are equally important.

    I realize these are ideals we promote, and I have always appreciated that, but just to see hard numbers like this was very shocking and real to me. I'm proud to be a part of something which is actively helping so many people live a better life.

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  1. Mick Mouse
    It is truly amazing when that realization washes over you, huh? When you realize that maybe, just maybe, you are making a difference. It moved me from "what about my needs" to "how can I use my experiences to help others?" The points are great, but the real satisfaction comes from knowing you made a difference. Good job!
  2. Potter
    Pretty amazing! Interesting to see how this was discovered through the contribution too.
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