A Sunken Treasure :old poem:

  1. teddybearpicnics
    A picture of nectar,
    A sunken treasure,
    There's nothing better,
    Than you and I together,
    With some songs,
    That might be wrong.
    But they could never explain,
    How long,
    Until the next time I see you.

    Forget the alcohol,
    And fuck the cottonballs,
    It all means nothing at all,
    Compared to the first time I saw,
    How much I knew you loved me.

    On your way here today,
    I can only hope,
    That the love is the same,
    As how much I miss you.

    The past few days,
    All i wanted to say,
    Was thank you...
    And even though words cant describe,
    I'm still red eyed,
    Know, that you are more than true,
    Thats why i'm not just red eyed...but blue.

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