A tale of opium, from a farmers perspective. Harvesting

By Pino · Jun 15, 2008 · ·
  1. Pino
    The unknown guerrilla farmer resumes.

    At the end of august, we started the harvest. Before that we explored the terrain to look for wild growing poppies. We found 6 more area's were they were growing. One wasn't very useful, because it had little sunlight. The other ones were small, but promising patches. We had 3 big patches and 6 small ones, which were ready to be harvested.
    We thought up a strategy for the harvest. We didn't want the plant to disappear from the area. So we planned on letting the biggest poppy alone, so it would be the one, which would grow the next summer on that patch. The other ones seeds would be stored and planted on new areas the next spring. (pitiful enough it hasn't be done this year, but we will plant next year).
    Now we didn't go out in the night, but early in the morning (5 o'clock), because then the morphine production is on its top. We decided we would do together 3 spots each morning. (1 big and 2 small ones each time). The poppies would be stored into the freezer.
    Because the amount of poppies we were going to harvest, we decided we should only produce small amounts of O each time to not run into problems. We could always claim we had a flower arrange hobby, if an authority came visiting us.

    The first night, we first went out. At 4 o'clock the club closed and we both walked to our spots. I had the big one and he had the two smaller ones. I used some coke that night and had a small mirror and knife with me. I didn't drink. Because I was afraid I would run into police, so I first brought the mirror to my home.
    After a small walk to my home, I went to the nearby park. Here there was a building site, which wasn't in use yet. We seeded a lot of plants here and they had been growing beautifully. Nobody seemed has touched them. Probably because they flowered so pretty.
    I quickly harvest them, which were 150 poppy heads. While retaining the biggest ones. They were pretty small if I compared them with their counterparts in Afghanistan, but good enough for our goal. 50 of them gave about 1 ~ 2 grams of reasonable opium.
    After I harvested them, I walked trough the park and went home. Because it was a warm night, I decide to walk a bit longer than planned, which was a bit stupid.
    After I finished my walk trough the park, I started to walk to the mainroad, which goes straight to my house. It was still dark and when I was almost there, I saw a policeman standing in on the sidewalk. I said, 'good morning', to him and he looked at me with a really tense glance. I walked on and didn't react on his glance. I then decided it was better to move right to an small alley to avoid more contact with my best friends.

    This was a mistake, because suddenly a policecar came from nowhere. Parking right in front of me. Two people came out and they asked, what I was doing. I said, just walking a bit, I went out today, but I couldn't catch sleep. The guy asked me, why I was coming from the wrong direction then. The city was the other way. I said, I just wanted to walk a bit. He said he wanted to see my ID now. Ok, I said. And I gave it to him. I began to loathe the situation a bit, because I was afraid they were going to take away my harvest. So I talked a bit with the girl about my son. She had to smile. The guy started to look more annoyed. He asks me, if I was in the bosschage, which is an old dutch word for shrubbery. I first didn't understand him right, so I said promptly no. He then asks me, if he may search me. I said yes, because it probably would be less troublesome. He asks me whether I had sharp objects with me. I was happy, I dumped the coke mirror and knife. So I said no. After he searched me, he found mine snuff tobacco. He asked what it was and I said tobacco. You wanna try? The guy looked suspicious, but I tried to reassure him by demonstrate it. Then he asked it was illegal. Under while I am talking about the in and outs of my son, my work and whatever more. The guy gets tensed up by my talking. He smelled a bit of the stuff. Looked at it. Then returned it. I asked him again, you may try it if you want. I try to put some of the stuff on his hand. The girl finds this all absurdly funny and starts to laugh. After that he wanted to look into mine sack. He found the papaver heads and asked me where I got them. In the bosschage I answered him -now knowing, what it meant-. Ah, said Sherlock, so you was in the bosschage. Yeah, I say. But not at the place you mentioned. And I thought it was a bit strange. The girl can't stop laughing now, the situation becomes a bit unreal. What are you going to do with it?, the guy asked. I said, I am going to make tea of them. A small sin. Then he suddenly has to laugh and step back into the car. Enjoy your tea, they say and left off.

    My friend catched 50 of them. Which was ok for the small areas.

    The second and third night we went out together. This was a very succesfull and enjoyable run (we took along a bottle of gbl laced limonade with us). We had +/- 500 of them. Both the terrains were bare from the start and didn't seem promising. It was in the middle of left behind industrial area. But as I learned now, these terrains are the most promising of all, because of the lack of other weed.

    We ended up with 700+ poppies. The next phase was producing. But first we had to try some samples of the poppies.

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  1. savingJenniB
    Just thought I should comment on this blog ~ it is one of my favorite entries . . .
    and i just now realized that no-one even commented on it. Although I did give it 5 big flashy stars.
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