A tale of opium, from a farmers perspective. Seeding

By Pino · May 22, 2008 · ·
  1. Pino

    This is story from an unknown guerilla farmer.

    There is a drug on the list I always wanted to try and this drugs was Opium. But because of the avaibility and the popularity of Heroine, pium is a difficult drug to buy. I am not interested in Heroine. Heroine always seemed to me like a strong morphine, a drug I do not enjoy much. Opium I read had different qualities. So I decided to produce it myself.

    I bought a couple of opium producing poppies from a friend of my. It gave me a sack full of seeds. After that I found a partner in crime and together we started to think up, how we could grow poppies ourself. First we thought up it would be a good idea to grow them inside. It would give high quality and it would be a joke if the police came checking, what I was growing in my home. Just flowers I could say to the bewilderd police unit. But it seemed to be too much of an effort, especially the plant grows fine without much attention.

    We found a couple of places trough google earth, which were useable as farm ground. It were mostly abadonded construction sites in the neighbourhood of which my country has plenty. I checked a couple of them. Many were untouched until december, which was long enough for the poppies to grow. I also checked sunlight there. We started to seed from the beginning of march till the end of march.

    3 nights a week I went out my home. Mostly at 3 o' clock at night. I met my friend at the place. We first started to weed out the ground and plough it a bit with tools he brought (he has a nice collection of tropical plants, so he had all the tools). It costs us about an hour, after which we started seeding. After that I returned home. Every other night I went out. At the end we had 6 places were they would grow. A couple of times we were halted by the police, what we were doing. After we said, we are growing flowers here, they would laugh and left again.

    After the seeding period, we checked the places once a week to see how the poppies were progressing. At one of the construction sides the goverment suddenly build a whole bridge -this was the best place-. Another one was spoiled because a community worker has weeded out the place. Another place got a nasty fungus. So we had 3 places left.

    When they were fullgrown, we started to harvest the poppies.

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  1. savingJenniB
    Grow On!!!!

    Love this blog ~ thank you!!!
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