A Video Look at Getting High Online

By chillinwill2 · Feb 3, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill2
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    Dozens of mind-altering substances including herbs, seeds, powders, and extracts from plants are currently being sold online. And selling most of these substances breaks no federal drug laws. To learn more about these substances, PC World went shopping online and purchased nearly two dozen psychoactive products. Editor Ed Albro tells you what we found out.

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  1. gmeziscool2354
    Hope this video doesn't shed negative light on our secret world. I'll check it out when I have time
  2. Jasim
    I noticed that the video focused on underage use. I agree that underage teens should not be allowed to purchase many of these psychoactives. The story of the 15 yo dying from datura use is sad. He should have never gotten a hold of such a powerful deliriant. These kids don't know what they are doing and could potentially ruin it for the rest of us 'more responsible' users.
  3. Mikey
    I have yet to see any positive reports from datura. Its such a mysterious plant, very powerful but nearly always negative. ALso nearly everyone who does it reports smoking fags that aren't actually there, I find this very odd. Seen at least ten separate accounts of this invisible fag smoking. Weird how a plant like that can have such seemingly precise effects, yet remain so varied in other areas.
  4. dirt
    it is true, when swim use datura he try to smoke a cig all night. the negative story about the kid and the datura is real bad cuz if the kid had a real cig to smoke he was still not old enuf to buy them. when swim did datura he did not buy it on line he went out into the hood and pick it from some old ladys yard. the video could start somthing bad becuse they use storys of bad stuff getting to kids. you need paypal to buy most stuff online and most kids dont have paypal. it is like the you tube videos of dumb ass kids smoking salv the kids are to dumb to know how bad it will fuck shit up for all of us .. :s
  5. Jasim
    I think part of the issue is that illicit substances are actually less controlled in a way than legal drugs. Alcohol and tobacco are regulated, sold in stores and prohibited for the underage. Illegal drugs however are sold on the street, the product is not regulated (quality and active component wise), and dealers don't check ID and have no problem selling to underage kids.
  6. dirt
    yes you are right, what i am saying is this is how it gos down every time problem reaction solution, they use kids to show the problem next the kids mom and dad have a reaction and to outlaw shit is the solution..:thumbsdown:
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