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  1. buseman
    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) wishes to issue a warning to those who are considering acting as a drug courier.

    The warning comes after a 57-year-old woman was hospitalised after drug packages she swallowed ruptured resulting in a life threatening situation.

    The woman required emergency surgery and was consequently charged for importing drugs into Australia.

    National Manager Crime Operations Ramzi Jabbour said those who engage in this illegal activity not only put their lives in danger from the drugs they are carrying but also risk severe penalties either in Australia or in the countries they transit.

    Attempting to smuggle drugs into Australia inside your body, is extremely dangerous and can lead to life threatening consequences.

    If a drug package ruptures inside your body, the risk of death is extremely high, Assistant Commissioner Jabbour said.

    The AFP has already charged over twenty-five people this year for importing drugs via internal concealment, of which four required emergency medical attention as a result of complications.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    September 13, 2010


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