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  1. CampbellRana
    A Woman carrying 2.5 Kg s Of heroin got busted yesterday in Pakistan by ANF {Anti Narcotics Force}. She was traveling to South Africa with heroin in her luggage. She is white but of South African decent. God know what will happen to her there as, i have visited Pakistan a couple of times with friends and I have been told that its a law less land, where money buys you anything, but not when you are an outsider and especially involved in drugs trafficking. Reliable sources tell me that there are more than 2500 foreign Pakistani Jails for Drugs related charges.

    I guess their next door neighbor Afghanistan which is the largest producer of Herion 85% of the total produced in the world. It has to be a haven for drug dealer thats why so many of them visit Pakistan and Afghanistan and get it smuggled out or pay carriers to get them out for them.


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