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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    A90 cocaine courier face
    A factory worker has admitted carrying a consignment of cocaine with a street value of up to £86,000.

    Drug courier Michael Cairns, 27, was stopped on the A90 by Tayside Police in March following a tip-off.

    A search of his car and home in Dundee revealed 1.75kg of cocaine along with seven smaller wraps of the class A drug.

    He told police he was "desperate" for money and had been told he would be paid £400 for delivering the drug.

    The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Cairns had two taped packages wrapped in a towel in his car containing cocaine.

    Police also found seven smaller packets of cocaine along with a mobile phone and gloves.

    Advocate depute Alan Mackay said police later carried out a search at Cairns' home address and in his bedroom found a plastic wrap and cut paper which was discovered to have traces of cocaine.

    'Spread misery'
    They also found a wrap containing a small amount of the drug and a further two mobile phones.

    When interviewed by police, Cairns said he had been given the drugs at a supermarket after being approached by a man who wanted him to take them from Dundee to Bishopbriggs, outside Glasgow.

    He said he had been told that he would be paid £400 on returning to Dundee if he delivered the drugs.

    The prosecutor said: "He told the police that he was desperate for money and that he intended to sell the wraps which were found in his vehicle."
    Drug squad officers estimated that the haul had a potential street value between £60,000 and £86,750.

    Cairns admitted being concerned in the supply of the Class A drug on 26 March on the A90 road at Bullionfield, Dundee, and at his home in the city's Graham Court.

    Judge Lord Hodge told him: "Trafficking in Class A drugs, even as a courier, provides a service to the drug dealer which enables him or her to spread misery in our society."

    He told Cairns that a jail sentence was "almost inevitable" for the offence.



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