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  1. ianzombie
    Ive been looking at lots of old super8 videos that people had discovered and posted on youtube. I wondered what the story behind how the videos ended up being lost or sold were.
    I combined one video which was aparently found in a camera at a car boot sale with one of my own songs.



  1. helikophis
    I like the tune! Neat old footage too.
  2. davestate
    Funny I just noticed this blog post after I found loads of old photo albums featuring my dad when he was my age, his friends and colleagues at the time, cars he had, the house he used to live in, the parties he used to go to, his life at that time in general.

    It was nice to look through, he'd forgotten totally about them, I love old photos

    The vid was good BTW
  3. ianzombie
    Thanks for the comments guys.
    I love looking back at old photos of my parents from when they were young. The spent a lot of time backpacking around Europe and Ive tried to get photos of myself in similar locations whenever Ive had the chance to visit some of the same places.
  4. Smeg
    Wonderfully haunting footage. I loved the tune too.
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