Aboriginal kids on pot

By chillinwill · Nov 25, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    ABORIGINAL children as young as eight are smoking marijuana, with the drug replacing petrol sniffing in some remote Northern Territory communities, according to indigenous MP Alison Anderson.

    Ms Anderson told the Northern Territory Parliament yesterday that smugglers are using unusual methods to avoid police detection, including sewing marijuana inside kangaroo carcasses or hiding it in women's underwear because male police are not allowed to body search them at road blocks.

    Ms Anderson, a former NT indigenous affairs minister from the central Australian community of Papunya, called for a wide-ranging inquiry into substance abuse.

    She said money that is not quarantined for food and other essential items under the federal indigenous intervention was going to marijuana dealers.

    Meanwhile, many Aboriginal people told Government representatives during community consultations that alcohol-related problems have worsened in their communities since the 2007 intervention.

    But a report on the consultations in communities released by federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin said the strong consensus was that alcohol restrictions should remain. although there was a clear message that ''one size does not fit all and that local responses are needed''.

    November 25, 2009
    The Age

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  1. mattbenner
    Personnally SWIM thinks Mary-Jane smoking is a lot better then Petrol Sniffing,
    I dont see what they are complaining about....?
  2. SullyGuy
    I'm wondering the exact same thing... but then again, Aus has a stick up their arse when it comes to drugs in a big way.
  3. Combination

    Indeed, Petrol Sniffing is know to be alot more harmful than smoking Mary-Jane, at any age.:)
  4. Motorhead
    Well, it sure is comforting to know that the native kids are smoking dope now instead of sniffing gas. This could easily read as a story from northern Canada, except our native kids still sniff gas even if they score some green. It's terribly expensive up north.

    I shouldn't make light of the situation, but the drug issue is completely different on native reserves than it is in whitey world. But what else is one to do after someone takes your land, destroys your culture, rapes your kids, and forces you to worship jesus while they constantly give you copious amounts of booze at the same time? I don't know much about Austrailian aboriginals, but it probably went down in much the same way. The current conditions must be similar as well.

    Excuse me for preaching. I think that this is a broader Native Affairs issue which, along with pretty much every other NA issue, is a hell of a long way from seeing any favourable resolution. Kids getting messed up is part of a much larger ball of wax.
  5. mattbenner
    SWIM agree's.
    The Native children are hit the hardest, and not much is being done about it by the Gov'ment.
  6. Wavvv
    SWIM totally agrees, along with Motorhead that this could apply to Canada. The government does s*** all for them... :mad:
  7. ex-junkie
    ^i dont feel that this statement is corroborated by facts. perhaps you should try punching some search topics into google and researching exactly what services/help that aborigines have available to them.. fair play, sometimes help might come at the cost of a bit of travel when you live in a rural area, but the same applies for anybody else who lives in an isolated area ANYWHERE in the world.

    aborigines have more access to services, and get higher government benefits than the rest of australia. they can access aboriginal specific services/benefits, as well as what everybody else is entitled to, so in effect they get twice as much help/services available to them at any given time.

    dont mistake this post for racism, as it is not that way intended. most of these kids would fair better if they had less peer pressure, better role models, more to do with their time, and more supervision.

    they are not forgotten in the slightest, and the government are doing the best that they can. this problem is taken very seriously here in australia, but theres always going to be a liquor vendor, a petrol station, or a drug dealer, peer group pressure, boredom, and lack of good role models in the rural community. the responsibility is theirs to fix up, just like it would be if it were any other drug user, anywhere else in the world. no amount of services, benefits, counselling is going to be worth shit unless the user takes initiative to beat the problem themselves b2b their parents/siblings/cousins/extended family take initiative to help/prevent/not encourage such behaviour in the first place.
  8. missparkles
    Sparkles thinks the fact that they're talking about eight year old kids replacing petrol sniffing with MJ smoking is the most upsetting fact in this article, perhaps that should be the focus here, not the substance?

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