Absolutely, Completely, Totally Trolleyed...

By DHCdiva · Apr 15, 2012 ·
  1. DHCdiva
    Well, it HAD to happen sometime...

    I haven't had an alcoholic drink for just over 5 years, due to growing and feeding mini humans. It wasn't difficult, and I didn't really miss it or wish I could have a drink.

    If I am lucky enough to be able to grow a person, the very least I can do is ensure my body is in tip top condition in order to give them the very best start.

    I have had so many sad ends to pregnancies, I never forget that having a healthy child is not something to be taken for granted.
    For a total of 13 years my body has been busy growing or feeding babies, 3 times resulting in happy outcomes, the rest resulting in sadness and heartbreak.

    I am very, very fortunate to have 3 healthy children - some people don't even have that.

    Sure, sometimes it's difficult, and the sleep deprivation is impossible to describe unless you've had it happen to you, (no wonder sleep deprivation is an "accepted" way of breaking dangerous criminals - it truly IS torture) and it is so easy to take sleep for granted until you stop getting it!

    Parenting is a privilege, not an automatic right. The high points are truly amazing, the low points take you to the very lowest despair. And added to that is the fact that you can do your very best to bring up a child to be a responsible, caring person, but, there is no guarantee that they will choose that path.

    How unfair that the one thing in life that is TRULY important to the continuation of the human race, is something that you have to make up as you go along - and if you get it wrong, it's not you that suffers the consequences, it is the child whose life you have messed up.

    So, to celebrate having my body back all to myself, the children were dispatched off to my mother in laws and myself and hubby set to work on doing all those things you can't do when being responsible for the wellbeing of children....

    Starting with Jagerbombs.

    And a good time was had by all.


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