Accused doc injected youth with heroin

By chillinwill · Dec 8, 2009 ·
  1. chillinwill
    A Fairfield pediatrician who was already in trouble with the law now faces the most shocking allegations yet an accusation of injecting a young man with heroin.

    In addition, Scott Blankenburg, 53, also allegedly provided his own urine so the young man would pass a drug test at a methadone treatment clinic and therefore qualify to receive more methadone, court records released today say.

    Blankenburg is to appear this afternoon on six new charges that led to his arrest Friday: three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a count of bribery, a count of complicity to deception to obtain dangerous drugs and a count of complicity to possession of heroin.

    Blankenburg is accused of performing oral sex on a 15-year-old boy on three separate occasions in the basement of Blankenburg's home on South Washington Boulevard during 2002-03, records show.

    The bribery charge alleges Blankenburg later provided that youth with money, a credit card, checks, a cell phone and the use of a motor vehicle from 2003-09.

    The drug-deception charge alleges that "Dr. Blankenburg provided his urine to (the young man), mixed it with diluted methadone and then drove (the young man) to the clinic," enabling the young man to pass the clinic's drug-screening test and to obtain more methadone. Blankenburg allegedly knew the young man was abusing other narcotics and "the purpose of using Dr. Blankenburg's urine was to hide that fact from the clinic."

    The heroin charge accuses Blankenburg of providing hypodermic needles for the young man to use with heroin, and at one point "assisted (the young man) directly by injecting the heroin into (his) foot when (he) was unable to successfully locate a vein."

    The drug incidents allegedly happened between Sept. 1 and Friday, the court records allege, while Blankenburg was free on $50,000 bond posted in March as he faced 22 charges of sex offenses with ex-patients and child-porn charges.

    The court records do not say whether the young man in the latest allegations was a former patient of the pediatrician.

    Blankenburg's twin brother Mark, who was a Hamilton pediatrician, has been convicted of nearly two dozen sex and drug charges involving ex-patients and he is to be sentenced Friday.

    By Janice Morse
    December 7, 2009
    Cincinnati News

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