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Actor Edward Furlong In Trouble After 6 y/o Son Tests Positive For Cocaine

By Rob Cypher · Dec 17, 2012 · ·
  1. Rob Cypher
    "Terminator 2/American History X" actor Edward Furlong has been banned from spending time alone with his six-year-old son Ethan, after the boy tested positive for cocaine.

    Furlong's ex-wife Rachael Bella, obtained a court order forbidding the Terminator 2 from solo parenting duties. The troubled actor, 35, appeared in court on Friday and insisted that Rachael is a liar who will do or say whatever it takes to 'alienate me further from my son and destroy my ability to work'.

    Despite his pleas the judge didn't believe the actor's version of events and refused to change the custody restrictions already in place. Ethan tested positive for the class A drug cocaine after spending time with his father. It is not clear how the little boy was exposed to the drug. His father has a long term history of drug abuse, which derailed his once promising acting career.

    The American star has also declared himself broke, battled alcoholism and drugs, been hospitalised for a suspected heroin overdose, and been arrested a multitude of times for various crimes. As a result, Edward, who has undergone several stints in rehab, has been in and out of trouble with the law over the years.

    In October of this year he was arrested for domestic violence after a public spat with his girlfriend at Los Angeles Airport. The woman involved in the argument had visible marks on her arm and Edward's bail was set at $50,000.

    The actor's colourful personal life includes being sued by an ex-girlfriend, 14 years his senior, for 'assault', and ex-wife Rachael Bella filing for divorce before hitting him with a restraining order.

    The restraining order came after Rachael, who filed for divorce from Edward in July 2009 after three years of marriage, told the court in a previous hearing, the actor repeatedly drives past her house. She claimed he also once threatened to kill himself and refused to take a drugs test when she demanded he take one during their custody dispute. Back in August father-of-one Furlong claimed he was robbed in LA after asking a passer-by for directions in the rundown, drug haven area of Skid Row. Despite not being threatened with any weapons, Furlong handed over his wallet before the criminal fled.

    Edward's career peak came with American History X (with Edward Norton in 1998), followed by less successful appearances in The Green Hornet and a straight-to-DVD Night Of The Demons remake. However, his latest project The Zombie King is due for an imminent release, with Edward taking centre stage in the British horror comedy alongside fellow former child star Corey Feldman.



  1. SpatialReason
    Amazing films came from this dude, but holy hell, he is a Macaulay Culkin in the making. He is seriously working on the "drug chiseled" physique that so many stars tend to fall for. :rolleyes:

    Too bad I enjoy American History X so much, otherwise I would have nothing but disdain for the fellow. There is no excuse for a child to ever test positive on drugs. I figure he didn't intentionally dose the kid, but that is no excuse to leave any level of narcotics around a first grader.
  2. Rob Cypher
    Edward Furlong Jailed for Violating Girlfriend's Restraining Order by Getting Arrested for Alleged Battery

    Edward Furlong is behind bars.

    The Terminator 2: Judgment Day star was jailed in Van Nuys., Calif., today after a judge ordered he be locked up for violating his girlfriend's restraining order—an offense he supposedly committed by getting arrested last month following what police called a "boyfriend/girlfriend disturbance" at an L.A. residence.

    He's facing a misdemeanor battery charge from the January bust. Meanwhile, the order of protection had been in place since he was charged with domestic violence for allegedly grabbing the same girlfriend's arm at LAX in October.

    According to today's arrest sheet, he was booked at 12:11 p.m. and bail was set at $250,000.

    TMZ reports, meanwhile, that Furlong has been ordered to stay behind bars until a probation-violation hearing on March 4.

    The actor was placed on three years' probation in November 2010 for violating a restraining order put in place by his then-wife, Rachael Kneeland. He ended up on thin ice when his probation was revoked in December because of the airport bust, with a judge saying he could remain free only if he behaved himself.

    Feb 15 2013

  3. BitterSweet
    I've never heard of this guy but it's really sad to see what fame and Hollywood can due to a person. You never really hear about the people who didn't really make huge stardom, except for when they pop up in the news for things like drug charges, etc. Mentioning of Cory Feldman in the article brings memories of Corey Hains.

    So any update on how his son tested positive for cocaine? Are there any laws about drug testing minors?
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