Actually, Don't Legalize It

By chillinwill · Nov 18, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    I'm going to take a controversial stance and assert that marijuana shouldn't be legalized. As a college student, that puts me in a very detested minority and sets me up for perhaps four years of campus castigation.

    Sure, I may have ruffled a few feathers with my articles on abortion and gun control, but decrying the ganja in a public forum? That's heresy that will critically tarnish my collegiate stature, maybe indefinitely. I might as well be standing outside the Social Science building shouting "Coffee sucks!" over a megaphone, this is a popularity-killing target if there ever was one.

    Alas, I vaunt my innate principles over such vanities, regardless. Sure, I may miss out on a few dates and get my tires slashed by a guy in a Phish tee-shirt, but that's the price of so-called "free" speech, I suppose. Fundamentally, this is the rub I have with the sticky green; its advocates claim that the drug is, for all intents and purposes, harmless and should be legalized, as the health and public safety concerns the plant produces are no more severe than those created by tobacco and alcohol.

    Now, I am no teetotaler, and I have been around the proverbial block a time or two. Generally, when people encounter anti-pot pundits, the talking heads opposed to weed-legalization are fairly nebbish, socially subdued types, seen as the sorts that have never tasted a drop of liquor nor held hands with a member of the opposite gender. Contrary to popular belief, most marijuana advocates do indeed do their homework on the subject matter ( or about as much as one can accomplish while brandishing fingers coated in an inch-thick carapace of Cheetoh-dust, anyway ). Thusly, the typical end results in these sorts of debates are one-sided drubbings on behalf of the amateur, closet-foiled horticulturist.

    That being said, a battle-scarred gent such as myself is assuredly capable of putting up a better fight.

    To the "Really Green" Party out there, I proclaim the following: in your rhetoric, you claim that the illegalization of marijuana is due to corporate finagling and government paranoia. Essentially, pot is outlawed because the suits can't regulate it, anybody can grow it and that billions of dollars that would've been taxed end up squandered as a result.

    As much as I hate to say this, the government isn't always preoccupied with devouring your wallet. If I may use some second grade logic; dead people can't possess money. Therefore, it benefits the government to instigate measures to prolong the existence of its citizens to insure that fiscal funds are later usurped. Hey, it's a necessary evil, that taking care of citizens' well-being, you know.

    The authentic rationale for marijuana's illegalization is that it kills people, plain and simple. Sure, one joint isn't going to give you a brain tumor, but a good forty years of exposure? Yeah, there's going to be some negative implications on the smoker's health. A granule of asbestos won't give you lymphoma, but a lifelong courtship with the product very much will. Thusly, if a known carcinogen is introduced to the general populace, it is the government's job to help curb the miasmic Diaspora.

    Now, I hear the clamor of several Dave Matthews fans in the background: "Well, what about cigarettes?"

    Hey, I agree with you. If I were despot of the nation, I would have those outlawed as well. The difference betwixt that mass killer and marijuana, however, is the psychotropic properties of the latter. I promulgate, why is drunken driving illegal? Yes, one may contort the question to uncover a fiscal retort, but at heart, it's a simple restrictive measure to ensure the life of potential voters, I mean, citizens.

    Marijuana inhibits one's cognitive capabilities, which ensures deterioration of one's physical capabilities, which in turn, provides a risk to public safety. How efficient is a half-baked construction worker, huh? You want to undergo a filling while under the care of Cheech Marin, D.D.S.? For those of you who really believe that the drug is "harmless," maybe you should try talking to the neglected child of a marijuana-user. Yeah, it's a victimless crime, all right.

    Those factors considered, my prime reasoning for maintaining the ban on marijuana stems not from a health or sociological standpoint, but a philosophical one. Marijuana is an agent that distances the user from the world, from the totality of reality as it exists. For a soul to desire such absconding, there is clearly a pre-existing disenchantment, a sense of insecurity and ineffectiveness. These are real problems, with real consequences, that marijuana simply masks and keeps the individual from exploring and resolving.

    Decriminalizing pot doesn't solve anything; it simply fosters the growth of individualistic disillusionment, and in that, real sociocultural plight is sure to blossom.

    James Swift
    November 17, 2009
    The Sentinel’t-legalize-it/

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  1. Master_Khan
    What a retard, comparing pot to asbestos. How did this dueschbag get an article printed? What is the Sentinel, some college rag? Please. someone run this guy over with a truck.
  2. Chronix
    Agreed, SWIM doesn't think that something like knowingly exposing oneself to carcinogens is something the government really has any place creating legislation to "protect" anyone from. The world will never learn prohibition doesn't work, education does.
  3. bLuE
    pretty lame, ive heard better arguements of why pot is better illegal.
    alot of the points dont make any sense,
    for example the bit about construction workers high on the job, the facts are they are just as likely to be stoned or drunk right at this very moment. if pot was legalized im sure it would be at least as controlled as alcohol, so getting high on the job would be a risk that only a few would take.
    as for the whole cognitive and physical abilities bit i suggest you watch "Super High Me". lung function was improved with marijuana use.
    although swim may not be a math whiz, nor was he a model student or athlete, BUT he has a better grasp on reality than most non-smokers of twice his age, and he's twice as physically fit as any of the math or writing nerds.

    this article looks to be written by bill oreily or some equal evil force of ignorance. marijuana kills people because its illegal, its a WAR on drugs, that THEY are loosing. it causes more harm to have it illegal!
  4. Doublefields
    Really, really poor article. The guy sounds like he was more interested in trying to show off his vocabulary and prove 'I don't care what you think of me' than actually trying to make sense.
  5. EscapeDummy
    Huh? I know a lot of people whose parents smoke weed... I wouldn't call any of them "neglected". They have rather good parents, actually.
  6. jpm09344
    I have a good vocabulary too, however the writers juxtaposition of asbestos to marijuana is as ridiculous as the rest of the article. The writer is thinking too hard, many times people that are not very bright, work too hard on using a vocabulary consisting of the longest words possibe, they fancy themself an intellect, which causes them to think too hard about things. Now I could have easily wrote this using words that wouldve made it twice as long, but theres no reason to do so, in fact the intelligent thing to do is get your point across as fast as possible, that means using the shortest words possible to get your point accross, thats the logical thing to do, at any rate I could go on for hours on this topic of legalization of marijuana, but I feel that its already been murdered and beaten to death in forums for years and I'll keep my view to myself since it agrees with most of the people on here, theres no logical reason to express it.
  7. Humanity
    I agree that this article is more a cry for attention than a serious attempt at fighting for one's beliefs. Anyways, you can't really get good feedback from this when you basically address all people who smoke weed as pre-existingly detached from reality (or the totality of reality as you like to put it -.-). Although, these swimmers aren't bashing the article because of hurt feelings, it really doesn't make much sense and contains poor arguments and doesn't contain some of the most demanding questions. For example, alcohol's toxicity (short- and long-term) vs cannabis toxicity. Also...

    Unproven. And besides, why can't the individual choose for himself? Swim would never voluntarily go on a week-long boozebinge, nor a weedbinge... it's just common sense really. And yes, you say: not everyone has common sense, that's why the government needs to step in. Then I say: well if people have free choice about the consumption of alcohol then... . Bla bla bla, sick of the endless cycle tbh :D

    Sorry, but you just came across as a bit of a douche with this.
  8. Zepfan
    This guy sure thinks highly of himself. In contrast, when I was a freshman in college, I was full of insecurity about my intellect. Without humility, I doubt I would have made it to graduation. At least I understood that I needed to develop my critical-thinking and research skills.

    He's definitely headed for a fall. Either that, or a position at FOX News.

    Strangely, Monkey agrees with him about legalization, coming from an opposing perspective. He doesn't want to see weed prices skyrocket, as the government taxes the hell out of it, just like with cigarettes and alcohol. Monkey thinks decriminalization is the better option.
  9. Sushi
    Personally Alf definitely prefers risking cancer than risking doing time in a jail.
    You know, we all have to die someday, that's simply inevitable, it will happen one way or the other. Until this time comes, however, Alf would like to retain at least his freedom of movement and not to be afraid of police patrols approaching him. Stress is unhealthy, fucks with immunological system and quite likely causes cancer. Stupidity causes cancer too, by the way. Let's lock idiots in jails then, all in the name of concern for a public health. The author of that piece is not just a retard. Worse, he's narcissistic retard.
  10. MrG
    Could easily have been

    Child neglect and abuse are not the result of drug use, they are the result of dysfunctional minds.
  11. chrisjames13
    This is true!, especially this part, 'Stress is unhealthy, fucks with immunological system and quite likely causes cancer.' So why don't these f*cks (Damn Drug War Fascists/Idiots/Fags!!) that want to control others because they are not in control of themselves or their own lives leave all of us free thinkers the f*ck alone. And I second that motion that this guy is more than a retard, retards have personality; the guy who wrote this article is more comparable to a waste of life.
  12. Greenport
    This person knows how to use big words to make you think he's smart.

    In reality his arguments phail.

    I like reading articles written by people who are against cannabis, but I'd really like to see more that have valid, true points ..
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