By Rightnow289 · Nov 23, 2008 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    Thrown it all away
    A bag to calm me
    No longer works
    I'm wasting away
    Stripped of everything
    I am slowly decaying
    What will be left when you are done?
    My soul is in tatters
    Morpheus relinquish your grip
    I am fading, slowly withering away
    I'm a broken shell of a human
    No life left to waste
    One more hit won't hurt though
    Will it?

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  1. savingJenniB
    Thank you for the poem Junkhead.
  2. beena
    I never cease to be amazed at just how many talented individuals/writers there actually are on this forum. I really like your poem Junkhead and I can really relate to the content/meaning of the words too. Thank-you.
  3. Rightnow289
    Thanks Beena I really appreciate it.
  4. Dickon
    Meaninglessness. Love. A smile. Opposition, from within.
    Taint of too many years away.
    I've been violated, and I am become violation.
    Do I let on that half of me doesn't have a clue?
    Worse yet, the other half knows too much?
    Void within an empty shell, emotions screaming to get out.
    I've been here too long, and that I don't like it means nothing.
    You probably won't even notice, think me like everyone else, but I'm a different animal. I try to blend in at times, and fool the less observant. At worst they attribute my difference to eccentricity, or some other ill-defined reason.
    I won't rhyme this problem into oblivion, as I lack the patience. And it would be too easy to separate then and now, and then again, and now again into 2 camps divided as much as love and hate, on and off, black and white.
    I feel older today, and I don't like it. My life lacks solitude, and I am dissolved in family.
    Yet, I have won a victory, and not a small one. I challenged the universe, and I spent my 40 days in the wilderness, screaming out in agony. Yet I laughed as I cried, and yielded not.
    We know how to live forever, we do, you and I; spend eternity in a grain of time, no bigger than an hour.
    How life returning drives us deathwards.
    Time and pupils dilate into crystal agonizing clarity.

    And for what I sometimes think? That answer lies within not without. No mother, wife or child could bring this transformation to bear.
    The ignorant blame morality for the need but we know better, you and I. Let fools think as they do, it's no concern of mine, until the lynch-mob comes.
    Today, I can rise or lie as I wish, no clarion call to duty forces me, just humanities common wants and needs.
    But half a life is gone, and much has gone unlived.
    Am I a fool to learn so slowly, or a wise man to learn at all?
    Yet learning is not it. I was carried, by myself, the universe, God, I know not. I know not the difference.
    So today, I sigh, when I should be ecstatic. I am worn out.
    But I am free, and if I feel no transient joy this moment, yet I feel a deeper pride. For I have conquered where so many failed, and the whys and wherefores melt away.....

    Right back at you Junkhead....I've enjoyed reading the poetry!! Keep it up. I haven't written stuff like that for ages, so thanks for the blog.

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