Addictive Qualities of Popular Drugs

By lulz · Aug 10, 2007 · Updated Aug 10, 2007 · ·
  1. lulz

    Evil, evil marijuana!

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  1. Shiacmkmleer
    lol... Quick question though is this a logarithmic scale and how were the values calculated? (since the source soucres an article from 1994 which I can't get at)
  2. lulz
    Here is the original article:

    It looks like they calculated it like this: they look at each of the six criteria, for every criteria that is met one point is added to the total. For a score of six, all six criteria are met, etc.

    Edit: sorry I just read through it again, that explanation doesn't make any sense. :confused: It's unfortunate that they don't give a more objective explanation of how they calculated each score along that range.
  3. flipthecandy
    Not surprising..I would have expected marijuana to have a higher tolerance rating though...
  4. Hyperspaceblastoff
    ya mee too lol
    seriously my tolernce is so high i can barely get high for more than 15 minutes
    and all i do is vape kushes
  5. flipthecandy
    It's funny. If someone with no knowledge of drugs looked at that and had to guess the drugs which were legal, they would probably guess caffeine and marijuana. No-one would guess nicotine and alcohol were legal and marijuana wasn't legal. Ludicrous.
  6. Broshious
    What's really funny to me is none of those categories seem dangerous to me. I don't see any LD50s or comparisons of effective intoxicant dose to lethal dose.
  7. flipthecandy
    You don't think dependance to harmful drugs is dangerous? Or harsh withdrawals? Sure, it won't kill you in one go but they're still dangerous...
  8. Broshious
    I suppose you have a point. I guess I was thinking more in terms of physical damage to your body, and a drug could be super addictive while having no potential to do any damage to you so it wouldn't be dangerous.

    With regard to withdrawals there are only a few that are actually dangerous from my viewpoint. I wasn't paying close enough attention because alcohol withdrawal which they gave the highest rating to is definitely dangerous as are some drugs that can cause seizures and such. I don't believe Heroin(which they put as a 5) has a dangerous withdrawal, unpleasant yes, but I don't think it damages you in any way.

    I think my main point was most everything they have listed is kind of a secondary danger. As you said dependence on harmful drugs is bad, but first they have to be harmful. Tolerance which leads to increasing dosages is dangerous only if those higher dosages are. Withdrawal is only dangerous if it causes serious enough side effects, and the only ones I think serious enough to be considered an actual danger can be avoided through tapering.
  9. thrackelsby
    I am not sure, seeing as I have never smoked tobacco extensively, but it seems that the intoxication rating for caffeine should be higher than nicotine. Smoking a recreational dose, or even much higher, of tobacco doesn't produce a noticeable intoxication. Whereas, at least to a 110-pounder such as My friend, a high dose of caffeine will have a very noticeable effect.
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