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  1. chillinwill
    RECOVERING drug addicts in Llanelli will face a fingerprint test to get their hands on a heroin substitute drug.

    A Station Road pharmacy is to install a methadone dispensing machine, called Methameasure, which uses fingerprint technology to help prevent the drug falling into the wrong hands.

    The equipment — which aims to control the amount given to addicts and reduce the amount of methadone bottles circulating in the town — is expected to be in operation at The Co-operative Pharmacy before the end of the year.

    The move follows the death of Karley Huckridge, from Llys-y-Felin, Felinfoel, who died on March 21 after taking methadone, which she had never been prescribed. Her family have welcomed the new machine. "Anything that helps to take drugs such as methadone off the streets is a good thing," said Karley's stepbrother Gareth Rees.

    "This way, people can't just take methadone away from the pharmacy where it could be sold on or used by someone else."

    November 26, 2009
    This Is South Wales


  1. Hardstepa
    My chemist dispenses methadone this way.They have a computer set up and when you put your fingerprint on your photo comes up on the screen and the machine dishes out your dose.There is a lot of chemists in my area dispense methadone but this is the only one that uses fingerprints.Anyone else get this system??
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