Addicts find highs with prescription drugs

By 0utrider · Jul 6, 2008 · ·
  1. 0utrider

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  1. shembelial
    I read stuff like this I don t know who to blame the dealer or the injester. If it s prescription medication, than if you have half a brain you should be able to identify the medication and its dose. If it s the dealer then it s only a matter of time before the authoritirs shut him down. As for the casualties inbetween consider it survival of the fittest, if this girl is that ignorent then maybe her death served a purpose, she didn t end up behind the wheel of a car stoned out of her mind plowing threw an intersection full of children.
  2. enquirewithin
    That must have been a strong morphine pill!
  3. Laudaphun
    There is a lot of prescription medication that could kill a person who was not well educated in psychoactive substances and did not have any kind of tolerance to a perticular med. Lots of preparations meant for terminally ill/chronic,severe pain patients that would kill a 15 year old kid who had never taken a pain pill before (even if it was taken orally.) Several pills come to mind such as the 160mg time-release oxycodone pills , the 40mg methadone "biscuts", along with many other high-end medications. There are very high dose formulations of morphine, 200mg 12-hour, which SWIM is thinking would easily kill a naive 15-year kid.

    SWIM feels very strongly that when prescribed any strong, abusable, medication, that the prescribing Dr. should inform the patient of it's nature and advise them not to leave it lying around. It really is important to take the responsiblility to hide any controlled substances to which a person is prescribed. No parent or grandparent wants to think that their kids are going to take drugs (well, most don't anyways). But, kids do. SWIM personally would never store controlled substances in the same place as the regular meds.

    This is a big problem is rural towns where street drugs are not readily available, and kids become curious and would like to experiment with different substances they have read about or heard about. They aren't exposed to the atmosphere that kids from more urban settings are and often don't witness the effects drugs have on peoples lives. SWIM grew up in a very smalll town, and 10 years ago it was so much different. No one knew what OxyContin(Oxycodone time-release) was for the first year or two after it came out. People would actually turn down scripts or think they were getting shafted when a dr. whanted to change them from either (hydrocodone or oxycodone)/APAP pills to Oxycontin. Heroin was unheard of. So, aside from the adults being very under-informed, the kids were also. High school kids might aquire ADD meds from other students, or basically give away pills they got from their families medicine cabinet, and even this was limited to VERY well known medications, usually anything that said codeine, morphine, valium, or other things that everyone recognized. A kid ram-sacking their grandparents medicine cabinet might steal a bottle that said "Valium" on it, and think that a bottle that said "Diazepam" was worthless.

    SWIM recalls an incident back when we were all in Jr. High, where Xanax (alprazolam) was unheard of... none of the kids labeled as the "druggies" knew what it was. A friend went through his fathers medicine cabinet and wrote down the names of all the pills, and then asked SWIM if any of them were "any good". Some time went by and while SWIM was reading her textbook for health, she came across the statement that mentioned "highly abusable tranquillizers such as xanax and valium" SWIM recognized xanax from the list that the kid that given her months earlier, now realizing it was akin to valium (the only well-known minor tranquillizer among kids in the area). SWIM relayed the information that xanax (alprazolam) was indeed something good, and that it should be just like valium (diazepam).
    ...To sum it up, the next day a kid "overdosed" after taking (up to x10 1mg alprazolam tablets). He apparently thought that they were far too small to be very strong, and that in his own words, "they aren't like valium, valium is awesome." He couldn't be talked out of taking any less, because he was judging the strength of the pills on their size. SWIM did not witness the effects, but heard the story... The kid was expelled from school and SWIM never got to talk to him for several years, but when she did finally see him again, he told her that they did not pump his stomach and basically just let him sleep it off, he also stated that he didn't remember anything for a few days, and that the hospitol tests showed "valium" in his system. The point is, we were all very young at the time and none of the kids labeled as "druggies" really knew much about prescription medications. The internet was sort of newish and very expensive.

    However today, with the internet and all the changes in the world, kids ISO, are highly educated about a lot of substances that kids 15 years ago weren't. Again, ISO someone has no business giving someone a drug without knowing enough about it to explain the precautionary measures. The same goes for the person taking the pill. Taking 15 minutes to browse this site, would give a young kid enough info to realize that (for example), a 200mg morphine pill would likely not be safe to take if they were opiate-naive. SWIM believes we are at a point in time where there is no use at trying to prevent drug use, but rather need to focus all that effort on minimizing the negative effects that drug use has on the lives of the people who choose to experiment or use drugs. Not to say that people should tell their children that it is ok to take drugs, but they need to be educated. Addiction for example, is something that SWIM feels can be hard for a person to understand the true meaning of the word without experiencing it. As a child, SWIM thought addiction was just a lack of self-control and that it was impossible for her to every NOT be able to NOT do something. SWIM feels that judging from what she remembers from the mandatory drug and alcohol course in high school, and thinks that it really didn't do much other than teach straight textbox "very general" and "very limited" information. SWIM remembers the lecture covering pain-killers lasted about 5 minutes, consisting of the adverse effects and withdrawl symptoms found on any package insert.
  4. BLTC
    Because one dude stole a pill from his grandmother, a professor is declaring that we lost control of the prescription drug market ? You can get any drug over the internet ??? What utter BS passes for "news" and "research" in this retard race ... I challenge this professor to have any meaningful prescription opiate - an OC, Opana or even a silly Perc - delivered to his mailbox ...
  5. motherlove1973
    Swim Had a bottle of percs that were prescribed (when she first was starting her trip down opiate lane) and believes her nephew(22) took them out of her purse. When she called the doctor to tell him what had happened, he gave her this look of unbelief and disgust. He did write out swim another script though. After that day swim guards her meds like they are gold(*especially not that she is on oxymorphone). It is a shame that people who are in pain and have a legit script, still get treated like crap. Swim blames her doc for over medicating her in the first place.(not complaining, but if it was not for him,then swim would not be addicted to pills at 35).
  6. thebige
    Now-now Motherlove.............we really know whos fault it is...........if you consider pill adiction a fault that is.
    Swim dosen't.......
  7. Herbal Healer 019
    Just because one naive 15 year old died because they were ignorant enough not to research the pill they were givin & find a safe starting dose doesn't mean prescription meds are any more addictive or dangerous than alcohol (very addictive, great potential to cause harm or death). This one death among hundreds of other prescription related OD's pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths attributed to alcohol overdoses & chronic tobacco smoke exposure.

    The fact of the matter is; because drugs other than alcohol or tobacco (both drugs), prescription or not, that have the potential for recreational use are frowned upon, people just dont know what to expect because they aren't educated on responsible drug use nor do they research the drugs they take themselves.

    If all drugs were legalized and the illusion that narcotics (opiates, benzos, barbiturates, etc..), euphoric stimulants (cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamine), and other drugs which are thought to be more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco was removed & safe drug use was taught rather than abstinence (clearly does not work), then these sorts of overdoses wouldn't happen as often as they do. Simple as that

    The point is: alcohol and tobacco are just as dangerous/addictive, if not more than prescription narcotics, and other drugs.
  8. motherlove1973
  9. thebige
    Swim was just jerking your chain,cranking your tractor,screwing around
    Anyway,swim has always belived that doctors should always give patients the whole rundown on pain meds and how the doctor plans on using them to solve the problem.............
    instead, like in swibige's case (and maybe countless others?)......
    along time ago.....just writing a bunch of scripts..and sending the PT out the door.
    But in the doctors defense......Swim never asked..
    So some things ya just live with.....I guess you could say
    (please don't take that other post as a personal attack,motherlove,as it was not meant to be one) thebige has been know to come across the wrong way due to lack of comunication skills.............
  10. motherlove1973
    Swim did not take it personally, but there have been a few people on here that come across as drug snobs to her,lol.(Not You). Swim did not ask her doctor either, she really did actually just want some percs and even exagerated her pain to make sure she got them,so it is her fault.

    Swims thing is that she did not know about the withdrawal from pain meds, she did not realise that they would make her sick when she ran out. she even went back to the doc when she ran out and told him she thought she had the flu,lol. He surprised her by just giving her another script and told her to call later if she did not feel better. She did not have to call him,lol. She knew the deal then,even though he never even told her what had happened.(swim is slow sometimes,lol):laugh:
  11. 187[Steve]420
    thats 90% the girls fault, wow.. and he got charged. rofl just cuz shes a moron
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