ADHD Drugs Cause Hallucinations in Children; Psychiatry Pushes Drugs for Profit

By chillinwill · Jan 27, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    (NaturalNews) New research published in the journal Pediatrics reveals that the ADHD drugs prescribed to millions of children are causing them to experience frightening hallucinations. Children on these drugs hallucinated that snakes and bugs were crawling all over them, says Reuters, and some kids taking the drugs experience other bizarre psychotic side effects such as thinking they ran into a wall and falling to the ground even when no wall was present.

    ADHD drugs, of course, are powerful psychotropic mind-altering chemicals that are often molecularly identical to street drugs. The industry of psychiatry is virtually owned by Big Pharma, which hopes to drug every child, teenager and adult with at least one mind-altering medication.

    The drugs reviewed in this study include: Ritalin and Focalin XR (Novartis), Adderall XR and Daytrana patch (Shire), Concerta (Johnson & Johnson), Strattera (Eli Lilly), Metadate CD (Celltech Pharmaceuticals) and Provigil (Cephalon).

    Researchers noticed that only children taking these drugs suffered from hallucinations. Those taking placebo had no hallucinations, and the children who stopped taking ADHD drugs saw their hallucinations cease.

    Reuters reports that "…FDA researchers urged doctors to discuss the potential side effects with parents and children to help ease their anxiety if such symptoms should occur." So instead of getting their kids off these drugs, the FDA thinks parents and kids just need to "talk about the hallucinations" to ease their anxiety.

    And if that's not enough, I suppose, there are anti-anxiety drugs they can both take in order to avoid getting too uptight about the fact that their children are on hallucinogenic drugs.

    Stop the insanity

    I'm just going to come right out and say the obvious: These children are tripping out on hallucinogenic, mind-altering street drugs. This isn't "treatment" for some genuine health problem; it's a legalized mass-drugging campaign that's permanently harming the brains of children while earning sick profits for Big Pharma.

    The psychiatric pill pushers have managed to turn a generation of children into druggies who are now demonstrating the same symptoms as a street junkie burnout. And rather than trying to get kids OFF these drugs, the FDA, Big Pharma and modern psychiatrists are doing everything in their power to put MORE kids on these dangerous, hallucinogenic drugs!

    That this continues in America today is outrageous. In a nation that spends billions of dollars on the so-called "War on Drugs" -- see the Drug War Clock at -- to ignore the mass drugging of its own children with hallucinogenic street drugs relabeled as "medication" is unconscionable.

    If there's really a War on Drugs, why doesn't that war target the biggest drug pushers of all? Big Pharma has put more kids on drugs than any street corner crack dealer could ever hope to achieve. In fact, the entire industry of psychiatric medicine is little more than a legalized drug dealing network that hides behind the jargon of "medicine" and "therapy."

    Mind-numbed parents lead to drugged children

    It's not just the industry that's to blame on all this, either: Parents who allow their children to be drugged with these hallucinogenic ADHD drugs are just as much a part of the problem. In the same households where parents are adamantly restricting their child's use of pot or alcohol, they will literally feed that same kid dose after dose of hallucinogenic street drugs on the advice of a psychiatric medicine quack who's on the take from Big Pharma.

    What are they thinking? Say no to drugs, but say yes to hallucinogenic psychotropic drugs if a corrupt psychiatrist tells you your kid needs them?

    Somehow, when speed is labeled under Big Pharma's brand names, it eludes all rational thinking by parents, doctors, pharmacists and drug war zealots. It is one of the largest sectors of the hallucinogenic drug trade in America, and yet it goes completely unnoticed by virtually everyone.

    My latest hip-hop song takes a shot at mind-altering medications with some disturbing, uncensored lyrics. Listen to "SSRIs - S.S.R.Lies" here:

    The ugly truth about the War on Drugs

    The War on Drugs, of course, was never really about ending drug use in the first place. It was about eliminating the competition for Big Pharma, making sure kids get off generic black market drugs and get onto brand-name Big Pharma drugs. To legitimize this mass drugging of children, the industry of modern psychiatry was created, with all its imaginary (hallucinated?) disorders and dysfunctions used to befuddle the public with seemingly intelligent-sounding technical jargon.

    It's all just drug-pushing psychobabble, of course. Disorders like ADHD are purely fictional, having no basis in reality whatsoever, and the brain shrinkage pointed to by psychiatrists who claim ADHD causes stunted growth is actually the result of the amphetamine drugs they put the kids on. It is well documented that drugs like Ritalin cause stunted grown and reduced brain size (

    The degree of quackery present in the psychiatric industry today is simply staggering. And to think that mainstream doctors defend this quackery is yet more evidence that modern medicine has nothing whatsoever to do with actual science; it's all based on a Cult of Pharmacology where all drugs are considered good and necessary, regardless of the mountain of evidence showing them to be dangerous and medically useless.

    This is where I have to challenge all the so-called "skeptics" out there who attack natural medicine. These skeptics and self-proclaimed quack observers are, in fact, among the greatest quacks of all. Why? Because they aren't skeptical in the least about psychiatric medicine!

    The skeptics are quacks

    Where is the skepticism about this home-grown brand of legalized drug pushing? Where are all the intelligent questions demanding proof that ADHD is a genuine disease and not just something made up to sell more drugs? The skeptics are silent when it comes to psychiatric medicine, and in their silence they reveal themselves to be quacks.

    Logic, reason and scientific evidence are all thrown out the window on the subject of psychiatric disorders. The most rational-sounding skeptics are instantly transformed into psychobabble-spouting quacks who defend the indefensible -- the mass drugging of children with powerful hallucinogenic street drugs as "treatment" for some imaginary disease.

    Sure, the skeptics will attack meditation, crystals, prayer, intention, chiropractic care and even herbal medicine (all of which can be healing, by the way), but when it comes to the loopy loose logic of psychiatric medicine inventing diseases and drugging up the children with hallucinogenic amphetamines, they swallow the whole thing without blinking an eye!

    So much for the credibility of the so-called skeptics and quack busters. It turns out they're quacks themselves. They've simply subscribed to their own form of quackery: Drugs and surgery for all!

    The quacks are on crack, and they're supporting an industry that hands out speed to the children. Meanwhile, the War on Drugs fills the prisons with people who smoked a little weed while completely ignoring the psychiatric pill pushers. Crazy, huh? I'm beginning to thinking everybody's on drugs!

    Just remember, folks: If you want to sell drugs to kids, just get FDA approval first. It keeps the DEA off your back and fools parents into thinking your hallucinogenic drugs are "medicine."

    By Mike Adams
    January 27, 2009
    Natural News

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  1. lostinla
    I am not sure if this has just started to pop up everwhere, but there are many class action lawsuits against Big Pharma ;which I could go on and on about, especially related to just what it said-keeping people on meds or ill, and not conveying their awareness of scientific advances that could put many companies under. Many parents are to blame, yes. Many Americans are not educated enough to make that call, many American PHYSICIANS are not educated enough to make the diagnosis. Yes, there is a criteria that everyone could check 'yes' to each question, but it's frustrating to know something that many of those who can make a difference don't. I believe I could have answered a post about this previously, but I cannot NOT say it. So I am glad this is here and thanks for posting it.
    ADHD and MANY other so called psychiatric disorders are mis diagnoses. We all know that. The problem is that many children all of a 'sudden' get ADHD when they are in their pre teen years and later. No one 'gets' it out of the blue or over the years, nor do they all of a sudden see that 'over the years' they gradually couldn't handle the work/life as it got harder so ADHD makes sense right? It doesn't. So many people have such low immunity and have many allergies that one doesn't see a classic 'reaction' to- because our diets are poor, etc/etc. Low immunity can have one present with a mental 'illness' instead of a classic allergic reaction since physical signs aren't there,the body cannot make let's say 'hives' or even make a throat swell causing difficulty breathing, the genetic makeup isn't strong enough.
    This problem, moreso than not, can be due to a child's/adult's exposure to mold (especially mold!) and pollens, mites, dust, anything. No one 'sees' these, and the person exposed has to have a daily exposure occuring over a year or more to start truly having the signs of psychiatric illness. I am very passionate about this, obviously, and have recently found alternative medicine and CRYSTALS- YES- amazing (I posted info on that) to be much more effective. The MDS are skeptics, and their minds are closed, and their 'studies' are not really 'double blinded/etc'. Once you see the monies going toward this institution and that university, and the kickbacks going in to managed care from Big pharma, the light will be revealed. Some who don't live in the thick of the medical profession can also be skeptics, and only swear by holistic healing. Swim is very glad to say both sides have been lived and the years of experience and research can back her. Sometimes the classic ADHD that is hereditary in swim's family makes her blurt out things on the keyboard and perhaps not explain things as well as others, heck, many tangents will be taken. The one thing for sure is that ignorance can be fatal.

    I appreciate this posting chillinwill

    lostinla added 12 Minutes and 12 Seconds later...

    A little Lagniappe from WebMD. My little fingers got tired...

    ANYONE who has a child or takes this class of substances themselves REALLY has to make sure they have ruled ALL other physical illnesses out. Its almost tough to do, for the doctors don't even know enough to do that, or do they have the knowledge base of the illnesses masking and presenting as psych illnesses.

    I will never shut up about the Lyme crime either.

    Also know that most family physicians and pediatricians don't have the formal training to medicate with these drugs before doing down ALL ROADS of a physical manifestation. Ah thanks for bearing with me folks

    An estimated 2.5 million children and teens take these and other stimulant-based medications to treat ADHD SYMPTOMS
    Nearly half of the cases of hallucination and other psychiatric side effects reviewed by FDA researchers involved children younger than age 11.
    And in more than nine out of 10 cases, the children had no reported history of psychiatric events.
    [h3]Bugs, Worms, and Snakes[/h3]
    Hallucinations involving insects, snakes, or worms were among the most commonly reported psychiatric events among children and teens, FDA medical epidemiologist and drug safety expert Kate Gelperin, MD, MPH, tells WebMD.
    "Some children described feeling a sensation of bugs or worms crawling on their SKIN she says.
    One case detailed in the report involved a 12-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, who said he saw roaches surrounding him two hours after taking an ADHD drug containing methylphenidate. The hallucination lasted several hours, recurred when the boy took an additional dose of the drug, but stopped altogether when the drug was discontinued.
    An analysis of 49 randomized clinical trials found that for every 100 children who take ADHD drugs for a year, between one and two experience a drug-related psychotic event.But in the Pediatrics report, the FDA researchers conclude that this estimate is probably low, in part because the clinical trials often excluded children with a history of adverse reactions to ADHD drugs.
    "Patients and physicians should be aware of the possibility that psychiatric symptoms consistent with psychosis,or mania, when they arise in the course of drug treatment of ADHD, may represent adverse drug reactions," the FDA researchers write.
    Cardiovascular Concerns

    ADHD researcher William Pelham Jr., PhD, tells WebMD that hallucinations and similar psychiatric symptoms are well known to clinicians who specialize in treating children with the disorder.
    Pelham is a professor of psychology, pediatrics, and psychiatry at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
    "Off the top of my head, I would say I have seen this in about one out of every 100 kids I've treated," he says.
    But he adds that pediatricians and other clinicians who don't specialize in ADHD may fail to associate psychotic episodes with stimulant drug use.
    He notes that the drugs have also been linked to sudden death in children with heart problems. It is now recommended that children be evaluated for heart problems before beginning treatment with ADHD medications.
    "The hope is that reports like this one will raise awareness that these are not benign medications. They are psychoactive drugs with side effects," he says.
  2. papel
    why my mum didnt gave me those when i was a kid? or did she? thinkin.... maybe that is why i love tripping she may have done so!!!
  3. Horiz
    This article is clearly ridiculous speculation and biased observations.

    Hallucinogenic? No, try amphetamine psychosis.
  4. Grabnar
    swim has a long experience with these types of pharms, they are not good for everyone and agrees there are many cases of misdiagnosed children gwakked out of there minds , there are some that these substances treat effectively tho, so with anything of this nature its a parental decision
  5. Coconut
    This very well may be what they are suffering from.

    Stimulants should not be given to children in any case.
  6. Kelveren
    Children tend to respond to drugs differently than adults.

    I find this article to be quite accurate in how it presents the current medical and particularly psychiatric professions. Doctors and psychiatrists over-medicate. I've learned that the less time a doctor spends with a patient the more likely they are to prescribe something. Professionals need to spend more time with their clients figuring out what -lifestyle- changes they can make. Unfortunately these days people don't have time to be good parents and still make enough money to survive.
  7. Blueheaven
    Swim hallucinated on my ADHD medicine a while ago, i mean really bad, swim was 9 10 years old on concerta and didn't even weigh more then 60 pounds. the dose was pretty high.

    Blueheaven added 1 Minutes and 46 Seconds later...

    Its rare to hallucinate on it but it is possible so your pretty much wrong.

    Blueheaven added 5 Minutes and 29 Seconds later...

    I got to say though the effects are very intense, i can't compare it to any other hallucinating experience but, i know that there aren't any good trips on this drug there bad, worms and bugs i haven't seen, but yea maybe your sisters doll chasing you is pretty much what i have seen lol.
  8. FuBai
    This article reminds me of "Grass: The War on Drugs" - a movie/documentary on Cannabis Policy. This is because, whilst satisfying a demand expressed by those already convinced of the general argument proposed, it does nothing to convince the uninitiated. Indeed, its inflamatory style (coupled with the fact a "hip-hop" song is included) may only re-enforce the view that this is a bug bear only for hippies and "whack-jobs." Moveover it is hideously unfair to medical science, or at least my experience of it, as new drugs are constantly being criticised and evaluated by scientists who publish both positive and negative findings in academic journals. We need only look to the exposure of SSRIs last year to find the problem lies not with the medical establishment (of Britain at least) but rather with the regulation on pharmaceutical companies being insufficient. To so heavily criticse the parents is, I think, unwarranted. There is no doubt that parents should do thier own research, but I feel that a doctor's advice should always be more personal and individually tailored than that of generalising websites or the views of annoymous forum users. People should, in short, be able to trust thier doctors, otherwise we are demanding a general level of popular medical expertise that goes far beyond that which can be practically expected and which favours the educated and the wealthy.
  9. Incarnate
    The article did a few points but most of it was the usual anti-psychiatric/medical establishment nonsense that is to be found all over the internet. Despite there not being much scientific evidence supporting adhd, the medications have helped some people. The arguments made are pretty run of the mill, composed by just another idiot savant.
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