Adrenaline is the new party drug in NT

By Lunar Loops · Jul 19, 2007 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    SWIS prefers the natural route. This from :

    Adrenaline is the new party drug in NT

    Drug users in the desert town of Alice Springs have started injecting illegal adrenaline, prompting police to warn "the new speed" could kill.
    The drug, normally used by medics to treat people suffering extreme asthma attacks or allergic reactions, is being sold on the streets in glass containers with blue stoppers.
    Detective acting Superintendent Michael Murphy called it a "new health threat" and has warned the public to be wary of the new party drug.
    "This new recreational drug has the potential to cause death in some people," Detective Murphy said.
    "Adrenaline is usually only used in cases of extreme emergency for such things as severe allergic reactions or during acute asthma attacks for breathing difficulties.
    "Used outside these circumstances, it has proved fatal in the past and the community should be warned of the potentially fatal consequences," he said.
    Other symptoms of adrenaline overdose include, massive haemorrhage into the brain, weakness, dizziness, convulsions, nausea and vomiting, abnormal heartbeat or palpitations, visual distortion and major anxiety.

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  1. Mint boi
    they're actually inecting adrenaline? fair enough. has anyone tried this?
  2. springplain
    Never tried it but I have fond memories of laughing out loud to Hunter S Thompson's description in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'.
  3. Abrad
    Having had the misfortune of being injected with adrenaline because of an allergic reaction I have to say I cannot imagine how anybody would consider it recreational.
  4. Psych0naut
    The description in Fear and loathing was about adrenochrome, the molecule one gets after oxidising adrenaline.
  5. Mint boi
    that wasnt adrenaline it was adrenochrome, or so swim thinks, and the book/movies description of the drug are exagerated, swim has heard it being similar to mild magic mushroom dose

    :edit: psychonaut got there first!
  6. ~lostgurl~
    SWIM was injected with adrenaline after an allergic reaction and the experience was not pleasant, her hands were shaking so much she couldn't even sign her name. It was an edgy feeling like drinking way too much coffee and not feeling comfortable in your own skin.
  7. Mint boi
    swim really does doubt the abuse potential of adrenaline, seems like desperation. unless the report is wrong, you never know with newspapers/sites they could have gotten Epinephrine mixed up with ephedrine or something stupid
  8. Zentaurus41
    People will do anything to get high and by not allowing safe drug use the laws cause people to try more dangerous legal things.
  9. Nagognog2
    Yep. That's up there with huffing gasoline or glue. Blech!
  10. darawk
    I swear australia is the dumbest country in the world. Every drug related news story(the only kind I read) I hear out of that place is more ridiculous than the last.
  11. Rio Fantastic
    Wow, I've never even heard of injecting adrenaline before, but I can't imagine it being much of a party drug.
  12. Fantasian
    SWIF's friend stole some adrenaline as he worked as a lifeguard on a beach from the medic there. He was an IV heroin user and was looking for morphine. He injected half the dose of adrenaline used for an allergic reaction and he describes it as "the scariest experience of his life." He ran for 25 minutes before lying down and thinking he was gonna die.
  13. fnord
    yes someone has,he says he did it outside in the middle of a maine winter ended up taking off the jaket and two sweetwhirts he was wearing sweating,heart pounding he could of sworn he wass going to have a heart attact right then and there,he wouldent call it much of a party drug but he found that low doses helped him wake up better in the morning.kinda like coffee for the mentally ill.
  14. tayo
    Several years ago, Junkie decided to find raw adrenaline gland in capsules, it was from cows but it was still raw, freeze dried bovine adrenal gland, anyway, Junkie smoked a few of the capsules and had a strange rush, seemingly missing memory, and the whole thing lasted about 15-20 minutes, then a huge crash, headache and to sleep, it also caused alot of discomfort and he was walking around that whole 15 minutes not really thinking but just kept moving around.

    Not worth it.
  15. Zentaurus41
    Though adrenaline is just another name for Epinephrine which is found in cold medication and used to make meth. They might as well inject caffine.

  16. Mint boi
    pseudoepinephrine is what you find in cough medicines, and more commonly
    pseudoephedrine. swim has never heard of epinephrine in cough medicine, doesnt mean its not...

    Edit: never having synthesised meth before swim is no expert but wouldnt one use ephedrine or pseudoephedrine as opposed to epinephrine
  17. Abrad
    Epinephine is not found in cold meds.
    Ephedrine or pseudoephedrine are, they have no relation to adrenaline.
  18. Mint boi
    ephedrine stimulates the release of Norepinephrine from the adrenal gland which along with epinephrine causes the fight or flight response. so its a loose relation
  19. fnord
    epineprine is found in a certain nasel inhalor.

    Primatene Mist Active Ingredients: Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol
    Representative Names: Primatene Mist
  20. Rio Fantastic
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