Adult Son Turns His Parents In

By hh339 · Jul 10, 2006 · ·
  1. hh339
    Hartford Courant
    July 09, 2006

    Police say a tip that a city couple was allegedly operating a drug factory out of the basement of their home came from an unusual source: their son. Detectives say concern about the welfare of his 11-year-old sister prompted the adult son to lead police to 19 Fulton Road, where investigators Saturday found 'a sophisticated' marijuana operation, according to the East Central Narcotics Task Force and Manchester police. Ten marijuana plants, heat lamps, timers, thermostats, fertilizer, books and compact discs about how to cultivate the drug were found inside the house, police said.

    The parents, Brenda Lush, 47, and Julian Lush, 49, were arrested on multiple drug charges, including operating a drug factory and possession of marijuana with intent to sell, police said. The Lushes also were each charged with impairing the morals of or endangering a child, police said. Lt. Glen Richards said that police referred the case to state child welfare officials. An acquaintance of the family took custody of the girl, he said. The Lushes were released on $75,000 bail Saturday night. They are both scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Manchester on July 19. Neither could be reached Sunday for comment. An arrest report says that Julian Lush listed his occupation as a bus driver for Connecticut Transit. Police lauded the son's decision but declined to name him. 'It's a brave move because obviously there's going to be a rift in the family,' Richards said. 'But it could be a good thing for the family because maybe now, if they need some help, they can get it.' Richards said it was unclear how long the alleged drug factory had been operating, but 'it was quite the operation. Those plants don't grow overnight.'

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  1. Bajeda
    How the hell can they charge them for "endangering morals of a child"? That seems like the type of charge that police could use to breach alot of civil rights. What "morals" are they upholding here? The churchs?
  2. fatal
    how the hell can they charge them for a fucking drug factory if they had ten plants? pah! bullshit i say. that kid is going to go straight to hell.
  3. bewilderment

    Seriously, calling ten plants a And, oh my, they had heat lamps, timers, thermostats, fertilizer, books and compact discs about how to cultivate also...I can't imagine the child's trauma :eek:

    Actually, I do feel sorry for the child having such a dick for a brother. I imagine this entire ordeal is going to cause much more psychological damage to the kid than their parents growing 10 measly plants.
  4. enquirewithin
    "...impairing the morals of or endangering a child"-- this is very strange charge! Do familes who do home-brewing get charged with the same? Or familes who collect guns?
  5. bewilderment
    Oh, and in other Berlin: BERLIN (Reuters) - A Berlin foster mother was ordered to remove a marijuana crop her teenage son had been growing in the garden where six small children under her care have been playing.

    The Protestant church in Berlin told Silke B. to get rid of the marijuana plants, according to a report Friday in Bild newspaper, which printed pictures of the unmistakable plants next to a small pool full of children.

    "Either the plants are removed or the children will be taken away," Marianne Bartzok, a church staff member, told the newspaper. Silke's son Sven was later seen carrying the plants away in plastic crates, the daily said.

    Silke B. said she did not know what Sven was growing, but added: "I had a feeling it was something bad."

    Funny how location changes everything!
  6. INodHardOhYeah
    The guy did what he thought was best for his little sister, I don't see anything wrong with that, SWIM personally would have suggested his parents move the operation over to SWIM's place, but thats just SWIM.
  7. enquirewithin
    Why? How would the growing of plants harm the girl? What is she going to do? Dry them and smoke them? I don't see the logic behind your comment.
  8. old hippie 56
    The son was probally mad. because they wouldn't cut him in on the deal. Now, he is the black-sheep of the family.
  9. enquirewithin
    My first thought was that he bore his family a grudge! :)
  10. bewilderment

    That was my first thought as well. I mean, who would put their own parents in jail unless they had more than a bit of ill feelings toward them.

    It all comes down to details that no one knows except the family. Perhaps the girl was in some other sort of danger, perhaps molestation, and the guy figured he'd have more luck getting her away using the marijuana charge...or maybe the guy was just an ass, was mad at his parents and decided to be a little brat.
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