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Afghan Army Hashish Smoking Troops

  1. chillinwill
    The fledgling Afghan National Army faces numerous obstacles in its efforts to become a force capable of maintaining security on its own. And, as the video below illustrates, the situation is made all the more difficult by the persistent use of hashish among troops.

    "I think if they introduced drug testing to the Afghan army we would lose probably three-quarters to maybe 80, 85 percent of the army," says one U.S. soldier.

    The U.S. marines training the Afghan army come across as consistently frustrated by how unfocused, and often high, many of the Afghans are. They complain repeatedly of soldiers coming to training without a lot of their gear, including their helmets.

    One U.S. Marine summed up the situation succinctly by saying: "Ultimately, it effects their ability to protect their nation and get Afghanistan on its feet."

    December 22, 2009
    Huffington Post

    Video can be found at Afghan Army's Hashish Smoking Troops


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