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Afghan children get opium as cure-all

By Euphoric · May 27, 2008 · ·
  1. Euphoric


  1. zera
    I wonder how much of these symptoms are actually due to opium and how much are due to living in a filthy, impoverished country with terrible nutrition and medical care.

    My guess is that little Saliha isn't sick from Opium which is called "God's own medicine" due to its lack of side effects, but rather from a lack of clean water, an unsanitary home, inadequate shelter and malnutrition.
  2. enquirewithin
    Good points SWIZera. In the absence of anything else, opium can save lives. In the past it stopped people dying from diahorea.
  3. englishkid
    Opium Is A Beautiful Plant Extract. It Is Only The Human Who Abuses It.

    But How Clever Is The Plant In It's Evolution, To Make Humans Protect And Nourish It Through The Ages In Return For Its Milk.
  4. HomerK
    Yes they're addicted to it, but they never have to suffer withdrawal symptoms if they don't have some Counter Narcotics Agent to tell them it's very bad and they should never do it. They didn't have a problem until someone else told them they did.

  5. W!SE
    really.. lol

    if swim lived in one of the places that have so much of the stuff he would just never stop. taper down and climb back up. give into the senses..enjoy!
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